A Little Golf Journey Free Download

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Repacklab

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Join us on A Little Golf Journey. Embark on your adventure and bring colour back to the world as you complete golfing challenges across multiple destinations. With over 100 holes split across 10 stunning courses, you’ll be able to unlock secrets and discover mysteries along the way. Who knows what awaits you on your journey. Discoveries that go beyond. Begin your golfing journey and discover a friendship that takes you across serene locations, all the way to the moon. No Caddie required. Just you, the ball and the soothing zen soundtrack as your companion. Play a quick round or stay for a while and immerse yourself in beautiful destinations. Looking for a par-ticular challenge? Repacklab.com sexy games

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Repacklab

A Little Golf Journey has an abundance of secrets – and collectables – waiting to be unlocked, but hold on to your golf clubs, you’ll need to complete some challenges along the way. Explore the expansive world map with over 100 holes, set in 10 stunning destinations. Bring colour back to the world by completing challenges. Discover secret holes, off-path mysteries and collectables. Original soundtrack. Simple, approachable controls – Aim, pull and release to shoot the ball and find the best route to the next hole. Easy to learn, but hard to put(t) down. Prepare to Tee-off for your next adventure

super chill golf game

A Little Golf Journey is first and foremost a super simple, super chill golf game. Even among contemporaries like the post-apocalyptic Golf Club Wasteland or the wackadoodle What the Golf, Golf Journey is content with crafting a very forgiving, very colorful experience that is indisputably relaxing as hell. The setup is thin enough that you can quickly get into the swing of things. You’re a golfer, and a friend of yours has sent you a series of letters inviting you to drive and putt your way through a bunch of low poly dioramas. Environments range from a traditional wooded forest you’d see in any North American country club, to a distinctly Japanese cherry blossom zen garden, and all the way to pink and blue cyber world ripped right out of Tron. Golf It

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Repacklab

A Super Mario-style overworld lets you roll your golf ball from hole to hole. Complete a hole with at least one out of several possible stars and you’ll witness a splash of color return to the overworld map, bringing nature and rustic man-made lighthouses and torii gates back to life. The golf itself is pretty simple, with a little wiggle room for adjustments. You simply aim your ball and choose between a normal strength shot or a power shot that trades distance for accuracy. Pull the left trigger on your controller and you can focus for a couple seconds to ensure you’re properly threading the needle between the fareway and a sand trap. You can even turn the camera around 180 degrees in case you’re backed up against a wall of trees or need to see the other side of a gap in a wall ahead of you.

diorama-like beauty of each course

diorama-like beauty of each course. Watching color come back to each section of a level is incredibly amusing, and though your path is generally linear, it’s always fun to unlock a new path that lets your golf ball roll up to the top of a building or discover a hidden scene. The best bit of fiddling with Golf Journey’s controls? You can detach the camera from the ball and move around each level with full 360 degree control, much like a noclip mode. While this tool lets you more easily analyze your next shot, it’s even more useful for hunting down translucent blocks that trigger speed or accuracy-focused bonus challenges, or discovering nearly invisible blocks that you can climb to land the perfect shot on an otherwise out-of-reach collectible. Golf Club Wasteland 

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Repacklab

The free camera also adds a deeper appreciation for the design work on each level. I took a moment to just enjoy the lanterns sitting on a lily pad lake’s surface, and I can’t wait to see if developer Okidokico adds an official photo mode later on. The mix of genres also appears from the display of the world map, which borrows from Super Mario World its paths between each level and its hidden paths that should be flushed out to discover hidden routes. Add to that a star counter that allows you to go through certain doors like in a certain Super Mario 64 , and here are fans of the genre in known terrain. A Little Golf Journey gets along well like a game of golf, based on greens, roughs and others to be respected in order to feel the soul of a Wood Tiger.

Complete certain challenge

Complete certain challenges and you’ll unlock secret holes that either open up new routes on the overworld map. Collect enough “blue things” scattered around certain levels and you’ll gain access to the Caverns of Skill, special bonus levels that really put the pinch on your aiming skills and your ability to think three steps ahead. One particular highlight involved having to carefully shoot my way across a series of painfully small islands, then use the edges of tall stone pillars to bounce around a cliff, then precariously lob my ball through ancient fortress ramparts to the hole. The whole experience is anchored by a lovely (and lengthy) soundtrack by Haakon Davidsen, whose main previous credits include other indie games like Golden Light, This Means Warp, and Pest Control. Golf With Your Friends

A Little Golf Journey Free Download Repacklab

Davidsen’s work doesn’t strike me as poignant or layered as composers like Amos Roddy or Ben Prunty, but it’s definitely his best work thus far. Each track blends soft, contemplative scales with calming synth or string backdrops, thankfully going further than your average chill adult contemporary or, god forbid, world music. At first I thought the soundtrack might be one of Golf Journey’s weaker elements, but it works so well with the relaxed pace of the game that I hardly felt jilted or let down by any track. Suffice to say, it definitely stays in line with the game’s journey to be immensely chill at all times. Visually shimmering without ever showing a really refined technique, A Little Golf Journey relies more on the ingenuity of its courses than on its plastic to charm the players.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 641044 Steam Sub 427251

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 X64
Processor: Intel Core i7 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM or greater
Graphics: NVDIA Geforce GTX 480 or better
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: intel i7 @ 2.6GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GTX 480
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space