AI: The Somnium Files Free Download

AI: The Somnium Files Free Download Repacklab

AI: The Somnium Files Free Download In a near-future Tokyo, detective Kaname Date is on the case of a mysterious serial killer. Date must investigate crime scenes as well as dreams on the hunt for clues. From the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi, with character design by the Yusuke Kozaki, a thrilling neo-noir detective adventure is about to unfold. It is set in Tokyo and follows detective Kaname Date, who investigates serial killings and enters suspects’ memories to extract information to help solve them. The game was directed and written by Kotaro Uchikoshi, with character designs by Yūsuke Kozaki. A sequel, AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative, is planned for release in 2022. sexy games

AI The Somnium Files Free Download Repacklab

One rainy night in November, a woman’s body is found at an abandoned theme park, mounted on a merry-go-round horse. She had been stabbed repeatedly, and her left eye was gouged out. Kaname Date of the Metropolitan Police Department arrives on the scene. He recognizes the woman. Suddenly, he hears a noise from inside the merry-go-round.
He breaks into the merry-go-round’s central column to find a young girl. And in her hands, she grips a bloody ice pick…


Throughout the game, you play as Kaname Date as he explores Tokyo in search of clues, witnesses, and suspects. The gameplay is split between investigation in the real world and investigation of dream worlds, or Somnia. In real-world investigations, the player controls Date in a first-person adventure style to search for clues and gain testimony. Moving the cursor to select objects and people allows you to select and further interact with them. Aiba’s unique functions, including Zoom, X-ray, and Thermo, allow for additional detailed examination of the environment. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

AI The Somnium Files Free Download Repacklab

Some action sequences may include quick time events to escape danger.In dream world investigations, the player controls Aiba in a third-person style to complete a variety of puzzles. Each Somnium represents a dream of one of the game’s characters, so the puzzles and their solutions may vary greatly. Each puzzle has a time limit of 6 minutes, and interacting with objects will consume a set amount of time. Taking different actions may cause the story to branch in different directions, but running out of time will result in a game over.


On a Friday night in November, Kaname Date is called to a murder scene at Bloom Park in the quarantined Kabasaki District, where Shoko Nadami’s corpse is found tied to a merry-go-round horse with her left eye removed. Searching the area, Date finds Shoko’s daughter, Mizuki Okiura, in the merry-go-round’s central column, clutching the murder weapon and suffering from aphonia. As he rests in Mizuki’s hospital room overnight, Date falls asleep and sees a dream constructed out of his memories from before he had amnesia, 6 years ago. RAGE 2

AI The Somnium Files Free Download Repacklab

In his dream, he sees a woman shot and bleeding on the floor, and a man holding a gun standing beside her. On Saturday, Aiba investigates the anonymous phone call made to the police about the scene, and identifies the caller as Ota Matsushita. Date eventually finds Ota in the lobby of Lemniscate, a talent company run by Renju Okiura: Date’s friend, Mizuki’s father, and Shoko’s ex-husband. As Date learns about Ota and Mizuki’s discovery of the crime, the net idol A-set (real name Iris Sagan) appears, who, after some coercion and blackmail, manages to tag along with Date in his investigation. The pair reinvestigate Bloom Park. Date takes Iris home, meeting her mother, Hitomi Sagan, the woman he saw in his dream.


AI: The Somnium Files takes place in a technologically advanced near-future Tokyo, and follows Special Agent Kaname Date of the top-secret police department ABIS (Advanced Brain Investigation Squad). ABIS investigates crimes through a process called “Psyncing,” in which a Psyncer such as Date explores the Somnium, or dream world, of persons of interest in a case. Psyncing is a powerful process that can often retrieve clues the subject is only subconsciously aware of, but it is limited to a maximum of six minutes for the Psyncer and subject’s safety. Blade and Sorcery

AI The Somnium Files Free Download Repacklab

Date is assisted by an artificial intelligence housed in his cybernetic left eye named Aiba, who can communicate with Date via an artificial nerve, provide him with enhanced vision modes such as X-Ray and night vision, and hack various electronics. Aiba also assists Date’s dream world investigations by acting as his avatar in Somnium. Kaname Date, who lost his left eye and all his memories six years prior, is called to investigate the murder of Shoko Nadami, whose left eye was removed before her death. He finds her daughter Mizuki at the scene, unable to speak because of her trauma.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40 GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: [email protected] [email protected] GTX 460 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset
Additional Notes: 2 GB VRAM

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system