Alice: Madness Returns Free Download

Alice: Madness Returns Free Download Repacklab

Alice: Madness Returns Free Download is the second installment in the Alice series and a direct sequel to American McGee’s Alice, although a third game (a chronological prequel to American McGee’s Alice) called Alice: Asylum is being proposed. There is a sequel to Madness Returns called Alice: Otherlands, although it is currently two animated short films and artwork. Alice: Madness Returns follows Alice Liddell, a girl suffering from trauma caused by the death of her family in a fire. Alice was discharged from a psychiatric clinic and now lives in an orphanage for mentally traumatized orphans under the care of Dr. Angus Bumby. To get rid of the trauma and learn the truth about her past, she once again falls into Wonderland, where a new evil force has corrupted it. sexy games

Alice Madness Returns Free Download Repacklab

Within events of the first game, Alice Liddell, believing herself responsible for a fire that consumed her home and her family, escapes into a twisted version of Wonderland. While held at Rutledge Asylum for treatment, Alice was able to conquer her doubts, and eventually was released from the ward. Madness Returns takes place in 1875, a year after Alice’s release. Alice, now 19 years old, resides at an orphanage in Victorian London, under the care of Dr. Angus Bumby, a psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to help his child patients forget their memories. Though she believes that she is fine, Alice still suffers from hallucinations of Wonderland. This twisted take on Lewis Carroll’s classic story brings Alice back to Wonderland on a quest to free its creatures from the evil that’s taking over. The ghastly and strange world she wanders mirrors her own fractured mind.


Madness Returns plays very similar to that of its predecessor, as in most of game consists of the player exploring Wonderland, fighting enemies, and navigating the environments along the way. All of the enemies that Alice has to face have weak spots and/or have weakness to certain attacks and weapons, and it is up to the player to find out the weaknesses and use them against the enemy. In this installment, Alice’s health is represented by Roses and there is no Will bar, as she can use her weapons without requiring willpower. When Alice’s health drops on her last Rose, she can use Hysteria, which is similar to Rage from the first game, where her attacks become extremely powerful for a limited time in addition to invulnerability. Alice also has a Dodging ability, which turns her into a fast-moving cluster of butterflies to evade attacks. Alice Awakening

Alice Madness Returns Free Download Repacklab

Throughout the game, Alice gains six weapons to use against foes, as well as to use when navigating the various environments, which include: The Vorpal Blade: A melee knife which deals quick slashes to the target. The Pepper Grinder: A long-range, machine gun-like weapon which sends a fast round of pepper corns straight at the target. Alice facing various Card Guards with the Hobby Horse. The Hobby Horse: A heavy, melee hammer which deals slow, but strong attacks. The Teapot Cannon: A powerful cannon which shoots one arcing projectile at a time, but has a large splash radius when the projectile lands. The Umbrella: A defensive shield use for deflecting projectile attacks. The Clockwork Bomb: An explosive with a timer, used for distracting enemies and blowing them up as well as certain obstacles.


Madness Returns focuses on a nineteen-year-old Alice Liddell after her release from Rutledge Asylum a year ago. She was currently living in Victorian London in the late 1875 under the medical counsel of a psychiatrist, Dr. Angus Bumby. Referenced by her former nurse Pris Witless in order to keep Alice off the streets and from becoming a prostitute, Alice has received a job and a room at the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth where she assists Bumby in caring for the orphans, doing errands, chores, cleaning and the like. Although a year has passed since she was deemed sane enough to return to society, the traumatic childhood memories of the deaths of her father, mother, and older sister in a fire continued to haunt her. Alice still had fits of violence and mad ramblings, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, schizophrenia and hallucinations. Evenicle

Alice Madness Returns Free Download Repacklab

Wonderland became destroyed and corrupted again until it was shattered and dead to her. With no family or friends, even her imaginary animal friends from Wonderland, Alice became very lonely. One day, after her session with the doctor was over, Bumby sent Alice to pick up medicine at the pharmacist. On her way, Alice became side-tracked with following a stray cat. Upon entering a dark alley, she experienced a hallucination of several monstrous figures with Jabberwock heads surrounding her, until it was interrupted by Pris Witless, who had found her wandering around. Alice was not very happy to see the old woman as Witless was using Alice’s “confession” to blackmail her in order to get money to buy alcohol. In return, Witless would not report Alice’s “confession” to the police. Alice was surprised to hear that Witless might have information about her missing rabbit toy.


Madness Returns is heavy on platforming elements. Alice is able to triple jump mid-air and float to navigate from level to level between long distances. Alice can also ride bursts of steam which will lift her upwards; she is able to turn around while suspended. Many sections of the game involve Alice locating and using various switches to open doors or move platforms. Pressure Pads require Alice to use the Clockwork Bomb as a weight so she can proceed to solve a puzzle while the Bomb lasts. Early in the game, Alice is imbued with the power of Shrink Sense which enables her to shrink at will. Shrink Sense has three uses: to locate keyholes to find hidden items, to see hidden messages and platforms, and to be able to use Shrinking Violets. Throughout the game, the player has plenty of collectables and unlockables to find. SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris

Alice Madness Returns Free Download Repacklab

While some collectables can be found along the linear path, most must be found down hidden paths or by using shrink sense. The types of collectables include: Memories: Fragments of dialogue from people who have had a great impact on Alice’s life, represented by glistening, crystal-like objects. Pig Snouts: Large pig snouts that can be found flying in the air or mounted on walls. To collect them, Alice must season them using the Pepper Grinder. When full of pepper, the snouts sneeze and disappear. When they disappear, hidden paths open up to lead Alice to other collectables, or reveal baskets of teeth and roses. Bottles: Glowing white and gold bottles. Finding every bottle in a chapter will unlock pieces of concept art relating to that said chapter. Radula Rooms: Secret rooms in which Alice must perform certain tasks.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo (or equivalent) running at 1.60GHz or greater; AMD Athlon X2 (or equivalent) running at 1.60GHz or greater.
Memory: 2048MB or greater
Hard Disk Space: 8.5 GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 256MB or ATI Radeon X1650 256MB or greater*
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system