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BARRICADEZ Free Download Repacklab

BARRICADEZ Free Download Humanity is almost extinct and the planet lies in ruins. The hopes of humanity lie in the survival of a child, a child that you must protect at all costs from the hordes of the night that will stop at nothing to destroy everything. You embody an all-purpose care robot, awoken by an emergency distress call. As you head to the surface, you intercept an escape pod of a human child, which results in your mission parameters being updated to protect the child at all costs. However, your memory banks are failing- if you could only remember why this child in particular is so important… sexy games

BARRICADEZ Free Download Repacklab

As an all purpose care robot, you are the first and last line of defense of this child versus the oncoming hordes of zombie like creatures. Use your ingenuity and crafting skills to defend against the hostile creatures. Explore the world below the ground to find new materials, blueprints and upgrades, which you use to build defenses, traps and walls.Gather your resources, prepare your Barricadez and strategies during the day, and hold out against the hordes until dawn in this unique side scrolling tower defense game. You’re in it for the long haul. As day turns to night you make haste to shore up the defenses to protect the cradle. Defeat your enemies to collect experience in the form of engrams which allow you to upgrade your skills and become stronger and efficient.

Key Features

    1. Gather Resources by exploring the underground. The deeper you go, the more resources you collect, as well as new materials for upgrades.
    2. Exploration rewards you with powerful blueprints allowing you to expand your arsenal.
    3. Build and design the most effective defensive fortifications to protect the last child of humanity.
    4. Utilize a wide array of traps to defeat the encroaching monsters by arranging them along a path that you force the monsters to follow.
    5. Traverse and explore a procedurally generated map to plan your defense grid in advance by taking advantage of the day and night cycle.
    6. Upgrade your base defenses with stronger materials to increase your odds of success, or use augments to change the way some facilities function.
    7. Adapt your defenses on the fly depending on the type of enemies you fight. Different enemies require different strategies.
    8. Make use of the autocraft system to provide your traps with ammunition to continually defend against the monsters. Rome: Total War – Collection
BARRICADEZ Free Download Repacklab

I’m a sucker for these kinds of games. Similar to Mindustry or Grim Nights, but probably more potential given what’s already here at this stage of development. It’s pretty straight forward – gather resources, defend against waves of enemies – but there is a bit of a leaning curve given the lack of tutorial and less than clear English directions. Not impossible to figure out with trial and error. It’s fun as is, but will benefit from increased accessibility and features.

Adapt your defences

BarricadeZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the only things left are monsters, and you, a robot. Yet, there’s a tiny spark of hope falling from the sky; a baby. Now you have to get to work, because of course the monsters are after the little bundle of joy. You have to build your own defenses, and that’s the meat of the game. The gathering and crafting system reminds me a bit of Terraria (to name one), and is nicely done, imo. During the night the monsters will test your design for you, and failure is definitely not an option. Remember the defenseless baby? The monsters themselves are zombies, though not your standard garden variety. These are darker, both literally and figuratively. This whole game is quite dark and bleak. The graphics, the art, with smart use of color (or lack thereof), and the fitting music all add to the sinister mood. RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE

BARRICADEZ Free Download Repacklab

So far, there’s only a little bit of story with more to be added, but what is there makes me want to know more about the robot, the baby and this game world in general (probably so will you, once you figure out where these zombies actually come from). For an EA game, it is very playable. The most glaring bugs are, imo, the many errors in the english text, which can be annoying when you try to figure out what this or that actually does. I really hope the devs will take the time and effort to address this issue. I played less than 10 hours yet i really love this game. I start from “cons” of game – lack of story, yet begining is intriguing and feel like “WALL-E” for adult auditory, it leaves more questions since start and there still no answers of actual plot of story.

Make use of the autocrat system

Another “negative” moment – at first it’s really hard to understand “Where? When? What?” but this part is quite easy to master , at least for me. Now let’s talk ’bout big “YES” in game – graphics – it’s quite nice looking game with really rich backgrounds and night time backgrounds is really eerie and creepy same time. But on other hands – enemies looks not so serious, more like ink-black childish drawings, but still dangerous. Music – it’s nice, A really good ambient with some thrill-coming tunes at night. Sounds is okay – some of polishing work and bit more samples. Now whole in one – gameplay. IT’s addicting. It’s really hard to stop when player start to dig-refine-build. Production schematics are quite understandable, mining and experience mechanics are quite nice. Building mechanics and devices is just something that really got my eye. In a simple 2d scape player able to build whole labyrints of chaotic death. Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

BARRICADEZ Free Download Repacklab

There is dozens of dozens of “path schemes” and defence patterns and i bet they really make a nasty suprise for enemies. Pitfalls into spiked pit? Throwable flame barrels? A WALL OF IRON THROWING DOOM? Any of this and even more. Game still have lots of holes and stitches here and here but it’s excuse – Early access state that yet feel somehow satisfying. BARRICADEZ has a lot of bits from other games you might recognize that come together surprisingly well. Tower Defense with different monster types that will react and path differently. Underground mining and resource gathering. A much more involved crafting system than I had realized for the first handful of hours. I rolled credits last night on normal difficulty clocking close to 50 hours, and the game is still in Early Access.  Ragnarock


Steam Sub 384762 VC 2021 Redist

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Dual core 3Ghz+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Processor: Quad core 3Ghz+
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB