Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download

Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Repacklab

Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Beth is staying at a hotel when she accidentally locks herself out of her room…naked. Your job is to help her make the right choices that’ll lead her to clothes without getting arrested or being seen by too many people. sexy games

    1. Voice Acting for all characters except player character
    2. Exhibitionism counter in the top right of screen keeps track of how many people have seen Beth
    3. Miku’s Strip Trivia Night included with this game
    4. 5 pieces of cut content to unlock in the gallery including extra minigame ‘Tenma’s Adventure’ (Tenma’s Adventure does not feature voice acting)
    5. Music and sound effects throughout
    6. 770 3D Rendered Images
Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Repacklab

Miku’s Strip Trivia Night Beth has made a deal with Miku. You’ll need to do whatever Miku wants for a night and it looks like she wants to play a strip game with you. Featuring 300 video game themed trivia questions across potentially 8 rounds. If you can answer 4 of 5 questions correctly in a round, Miku strips. If you get more than 1 question wrong in a round, you strip. The game has 5 endings, 4 of which are forfeits for Miku that involve streaking and sending nudes. Game features 220 3D rendered images and 300 questions.


Beth the Exhibitionist is an adult visual novel of the ENF genre which means Embarrassed Nude Female. In the story the main character Beth gets into hijinks where she’s embarrassed to be without her clothes. But she’s an exhibitionist so she secretly enjoys it and she brought it on herself. The main story is goofy but fun and entertaining. The characters are 3D models which are well made and good to look at. And the main selling point is Beth herself, as a character she’s really great being hot, fun and cheery along with the voice actress for Beth being perfectly cast. She has a really cute voice so it works for the situations she finds herself in. Props to Miku as well being a fun secondary character. NEW LIFE 

Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Repacklab

In terms of gameplay it’s a typical visual novel with selecting choices. You get three game modes which are Beth’s Adventure, Miku’s Strip Trivia and Tenma’s Adventure. The main story of Beth’s Adventure is short clocking in at about an hour. One disappointment is there isn’t multiple endings. While there are choices they lead to dead ends so there is only one way to complete the game by going for the one ending. I’m glad the Strip Trivia was put in for some variety and Tenma’s Adventure was fun as a bonus level. Though it is short the price will always be low. I have played for 3 hours and I don’t regret my purchase. I’ll probably come back to the game later for another playthrough.

Pleasure and more Pleasure

From a hardcore gamer/purist/game critic perspective using the standard measurements for quality this would not make the cut. Low skilled voice acting. Sound design and music are sparse and not memorable. Frequently having to go back to change your choices in order to progress makes playing feel awkward at times. Scaling up the 1080p images to fullscreen produced mixed results because while the art is decent it’s not to the same quality standard as City of Broken Dreamers or Acting Lessons. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Repacklab

Despite all that I still quite enjoyed it for the humour. It’s a much more lighthearted and humorous game than you might expect, that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. You get the sense that the dev knows it isn’t AAA quality or up to the quality of the best indie games and the price is set accordingly. At the price, I enjoyed it and have no regrets. Sometimes you just want to relax, play something lighthearted and not have to deal with all the complexities and mental exhaustion that you can get from other games.

To the dev: I am happy to support, the effort made is obvious and I hope one day you can use your now improved game dev skills to make another game but do it unapologetically without it feeling mandatory to lean on humour and breaking the 4th wall (or even nudity) for it to work. You know how to make a VN game now so you can probably afford to get more serious with the writing and character development if you wanted to and if you’re up for the challenge.

Steam Reviews

Okay, Loving the game. As far as resets go, I would think, maybe add a title page entry box that can set a default name. That is totally a nit-pick and Price-quality-convenience this game is working for me. Just struggling with the quiz and that’s asking me every time I restart. I actually got to nigh end game second attempt but I am going from memory alone. Very good. If you’re a fan of ENF (with some brief ENM in there for good measure) content, give this a go. As we all know, ENF content is a bit of a niche and getting the chance to support new stuff is great, I hope to see more like this in the future. The game is a bit short compared to other renpy games I’ve played but I prefer that BtE has chosen to keep the player in the action at all times instead of padding the run time with scenes that don’t add directly to the fun. If you’ve got a few bucks and want some fresh ENF, I’d say buy it. Oh, and the voice acting is a nice change to the silent gameplay I’m used to in these sorts of games. DiRT 3 Complete Edition 

Beth the Exhibitionist Free Download Repacklab

Not sure what to think about this game. There is only one path and all other choices bounce back to the multiple choice section, till you choose that one path you are meant to take. During the game there is no major interaction with the girls and no dialogue that could lead to changes of the path or cause reaction of the girls, such as jealousy or complicity to initiate a threesome as an example. Once you’ve completed the path you have access to images with sex scenes that never occurred during game play. You can google for these images and save your time and memory space of your computer, Why would anyone create sex images and not include them in the game play. Who ever developed this game does not seem to be much of a gamer and does not understand the essence of gaming. Assetto Corsa

Add-ons (DLC): Beth the Exhibitionist

All updates VC 2021 Redist

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: GPU with 2GB or more
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 3 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: –
Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –