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Blade and Sorcery Free Download Repacklab

Blade and Sorcery Free Download The era of the VR weightless, wiggle-sword combat is over. Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox like no other, focusing on melee, ranged and magic combat that fully utilizes a unique and realistic physics driven interaction and combat system. Built exclusively for VR, collisions are dictated by fine hitboxes, objects have weight and follow the laws of physics, creatures have full body physics and presence, and blades can be used to penetrate soft materials or deflect magic. In Blade & Sorcery, the combat is limited only by your own creativity. Choose your weapon, choose your stance, choose your fighting style; Be the powerful warrior, ranger or sorcerer you always dreamed of becoming! sexy games

Blade and Sorcery Free Download Repacklab

As with most horde/wave-type games, there is an array of things you can do in terms of defences, preparation and the like. There are four arenas to choose from: medieval churchyard, gladiator pit, town market and a tomb/valley bridge area. Each area has their own unique set of obstacles and gampelay mechanics you can use to help you in your fights. To start off a wave within these arenas, you’ll have a book on a pedestal with the waves all laid out before you. These range from easy to medium and hard, with everything thrown in-between for good measure.


Weapons work by holding them any way you wish. For example, you have a sword. If you wanted, you could hold the sword upside down. Use two hands, hold it by the blade, hold it at the hilt, only hold it at the tip of the handle. The choices are endless. Using these options in combat is up to you. But wait, there’s more. Of course there’s more. I’m only just getting started. You can use an axe, many, many swords, two-handed axes, Zweihander blades, maces, shields, daggers, bow and arrows, just the arrows for Legolas styles of fighting, spears, other throwable objects. This is satisfying when you catch an enemy off guard. MORDHAU

Blade and Sorcery Free Download Repacklab

No longer do you have to bend down in real time to pick up a weapon (though you can if you so choose to), levitation is the name of the game. Want a weapon from the other side of the room? No problem. Simply extend your arm, wait for the circular attach icon to appear and press the corresponding buttons and you can make any movable object your plaything. This can be used in combat too as you can press both push and pull to send your weapons into a spinning dance of death controlled entirely by your will. This is the most enjoyable part of the game.

Magical Elements

Then there’s the magic. Ever wanted to feel like Senator Palpatine in the Star Wars films? Now you can. Feel “unlimited power” as you throw lightning from your hands to bring excruciating pain and agony upon your enemies. Or make them twitch on the floor as their cold, lifeless bodies wriggle around from your lightning-soaked appendages. But wait, there’s more. You can coat your weapons with said lightning to make dealing agony even easier. They may be able to block the blade itself, but the lightning will deal damage all the same. It’s no wonder that People almost forgot that they are in a virtual world having this much fun. Battle Brothers

Blade and Sorcery Free Download Repacklab

This was definitely the case when having friends over. Watching them go through the same level of excitement is something fun to watch. You Would even picked up a few new tricks too because of it. A storyline can be useful for its ability to frame the action; it gives you a reason to fight and fuels your hunger to reign victorious over the hordes of NPC baddies. But if you’re easily urked by mediocre stabs at the hero’s journey monomyth and just want to cut to the bloody chase, then Blade & Sorcery might scratch that itch thanks to its combat-centric sandbox and stab-happy rag doll enemies.


As a sandbox combat game, Blades & Sorcery doesn’t feature scores, leaderboards, and it contains no story; it’s a single-player game that puts you in the midst of successive waves of baddies that span classes such as lighting mages, archers, and a number of melee grunts that try to take you down. There’s plenty of weaponry lying around to make whatever fighting style you’re keen to enact a reality. But before I get into that, there’s the sordid details of what it feels like to stab a dude in the face. you can pull off an epic chain of god-like hits and full-body stabs on several enemies, it really makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something awesome. Estate Dominate

Blade and Sorcery Free Download Repacklab

You have to concentrate on making sure you remember your four holster points—two behind each shoulder and two on each hip—move through the fray, activate the temporary slow-mo at decidedly cinematic moments, and make sure to not flail around with your melee weapons. That’s a good amount to remember when you’re in the thick of it, but as they say, practice makes perfect. Users are given a choice between various swords (both single and two-handed), a bow and requisite quiver of arrows, and various gear that you can either throw (or levitate) at you squishy enemies.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Steam Sub 171223

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / 1060

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070