Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download Repacklab

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download is a robot voxel slice-em-up where any part of your body can be sliced off. With your mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, you must survive the sinister trials of the arena. Robots are the main race in the game, technologically superior to humans and very evil. They were probably created by The Emperor who likely changed them from living beings into the machines they are now. Robots seek to harvest the human race and watch them fight to death for entertainment. All robots are sentient but can be switched over to combat mode at any time, overwriting their minds turning them into efficient killers. sexy games

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download Repacklab

WITH A LASER SWORD. SURVIVE AND PERHAPS YOU WILL EARN UPGRADES. Apologies for the brief agony while we harvested your mind. But now your thought patterns are safely encased in this sleek, shiny robot! We hope you survive longer than the last contestant…The Emperor is a robot twice as tall as a normal sword robot. He has grey limbs with black hands, a red decorated chest plate with black parts, and a golden laurel on his head. He has 1-pixel red eyes that stick out from his head. He wears black greaves with a red stripe down the middle.

Story Mode

Story Mode is an unfinished game mode where the player plays as a human’s mind implanted into a robot body who manages to escape the arena. Story Mode currently contains 4 short chapters, which altogether can take around 30 to 80 minutes to complete, depending on skill level. Chapter 1 starts similarly to endless mode, with the human entering the first level through the elevator. There are 10 levels to complete for the chapter. On level 5, the Emperor arrives from a battleship onto his throne above the back of the arena. This chapter only features mark 1-3 Sword Robots, Mark 1-3 Bow Robots and Spider-Tron 5000s. This is mainly due to the fact that these were the only robots in the game when it was released, and the devs haven’t updated this so as not to “overwhelm new players”. HITMAN 2

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download Repacklab

Chapter 2 is much the same as Chapter 1, except with the addition of Hammer Bots, Kick Bots and Spider-Tron 6000s. During the chapter, the screens on the side of the arena show a harvesting of operation on a human space station, with Jetpack Bots flying from battle cruisers onto the station. By the end of the chapter, a total of 100,000 humans have been harvested and the station is destroyed. As you complete level 10, the Garbage Bots exit the conveyor room as normal, but then pick you up and carry you through a section of the city, before depositing you into a room containing the human you played as in chapter 1. Then you hug each other, and the chapter ends.

Melee Bots In the Game

Sword Robot: The first melee bot you can encounter, low level Sword Robots are some of the easiest opponents. Their blades can cleave right through you if you aren’t wearing armor. Initially, the Sword Robots are your standard mindless drones, but as you move on, you begin to encounter higher Marks, and thus a better challenge, with Mark 3s gaining block arrows, Mark 4s gaining fire sword and Mark 5s gaining a dash. In a level, there is usually at least one Sword Robot, with rare exceptions. Hammer Bot: Large robots encountered further into the game, the Hammer Bots wield giant hammers that are not blockable, but they swing slowly and are generally confounded by fast movements. Also initially mindless drones, they become better at as higher Marks start appearing. Marks 1-3 have a hammer size corresponding to their level. 60 Seconds Reatomized

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download Repacklab

Jetpack Bot: These speedy bots propel themselves forward and attempt to kill you with extremely fast movements. They use a Jetpack the same as the player has, and Mark 1-2s have a level 1-2 jetpack accordingly. Although predominantly sword wielders, they also come in archer, hammer, and spear variants later on in the game. Jetpack Hammer Bots use a fire hammer, so are often likened to Mark 4 Hammer Bots. Kick Bot: The light and agile Kick Bots will run around and attempt to kick you, stunning you for a while if they make contact. They have little way of damaging you directly, and act more as annoyances than proper threats. Mark 2 Kick Bots are nearly as fast as a max jetpack and can jump high and power kick you. If they kick you into a wall at close range, your head can sometimes be damaged.

Single-Player And Multiplayer Game Modes & Features

Story Mode – One part epic tale of human defiance, another part laser swords.
Endless Mode – Challenge yourself to fight through 86 level variants spread across 7 difficulty tiers. Can you make it to TITANIUM ? Twitch Mode – TWITCH PLAYS YOU. Your Twitch stream viewers earn coins, bet on your gameplay and spawn enemies to kill you. Challenge Mode – Bow-only, hammer-only, can you still survive the arena? Last Bot Standing – A Battle-Royale-like game mode with short, 5-10 minute play sessions and up to 15 players. Survive, and shower in the remains of your fellow robot competitors.
Private Duels – Challenge your friend to a 1v1 duel! Online Co-op! – Use the power of human friendship (and laser swords!) to survive in the arena! S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Free Download Repacklab
    • Epic Voxel Dismemberment: In addition to looking cool, the ability to cut off body parts is central to the gameplay. Jumping on one leg is a common occurrence. Large enemies need to be cut down to size before a fatal blow can be delivered.
    • Sharp Sword Combat: Combat is fast and intense, putting great emphasis on movement, timing and positioning. You are never safe, as any blow can instantly kill or dismember.
    • Entertaining Commentary: Commentatron and Analysis-Bot provide a play-by-play of your performance and react to your activities.
    • Upgrade your robot: jetpack, bow, kicking, deflection, clones, armor, FIRE BREATH.
      Terrifying robotic enemies that actually get pretty hard! Sword robots, bow robots, Spidertron 5000, Spidertron 6000, gigantic hammer bots. So many things to dismember.
    • Level Editor: Make custom levels and challenges and share them with other humans! Explore the rich Workshop library of awesome human-built levels!
      Achievements! Unlock upgrades, emotes and multiplayer skins by achieving a rich variety of things!
    • Emotes! Do the Funky Pillar Dance, mock your foes, or flap your arms delightfully!

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Modern quad-core (AMD FX-Series or newer, Intel Core i5 or faster)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5770 or faster, Nvidia GeForce GT 640 or faster
Storage: 1 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: OS X / macOS 10.8+ (Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra)
Processor: 3rd gen core i5 or newer
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Dedicated Radeon or GeForce graphics
Storage: 1 GB available space