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DEAD MATTER Free Download Repacklab

Dead Matter Free Download by indie company Quantum Integrity Software Inc., is a zombie survival rogue-lite set in a near future, post-apocalyptic Alberta. Bringing together various, handpicked elements of the open-world survival genre, along with our own original touches, Dead Matter aims to quench the community’s thirst for a title to properly balance survival mechanics with fulfilling gameplay, Detailed open-world interpretation of Alberta, Canada. High quality first person perspective to fully immerse the player in the game world. A map full of vehicles to explore with. Zero pay-to-win features. Planned full modding support including Steam Workshop. Survive the apocalypse by hunting, farming, or camping. sexy games

DEAD MATTER Free Download Repacklab

A talented and passionate team of developers and community staff. A great community on both our Forums and Official Discord Server. Almost any building in Dead Matter can be used as a safehouse so long as you maintain control of it. Place sheets or boards over the windows to block infected and player visibility. Compete or cooperate with other survivors to recover rare gear or work towards uncovering the mystery surrounding the region. Dead Matter is a true sandbox survival horror. Players will fight to survive in a zombie-packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever play-style fits you best. Settle down and defend your home from outside threats with an expansive crafting and barricading system.


Locate, hunt, kill, and skin the wildlife of Alberta for their fur and meat. Make sure no part of an animal goes to waste. Utilize our in-depth farming system that takes advantage of the variety of tools at your disposal. Survive in a slowly decaying world. Over time, fences will start to have more openings and buildings will grow dark and cold when the municipal power grid fails, We are a hard-working team of multi-talented developers that all originate from the Source Engine and Fallout modding communities. We initially had only 3 full time staff and a handful of contractors working on the game. Thanks to our backers and our supportive community we have been able to grow our studio over the last 3 years. We now have 20+ developers working on Dead Matter. Zombie Army Trilogy 

DEAD MATTER Free Download Repacklab

Multiplayer A truly open-world game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to join up with your friends and combine your skills to increase your chances of survival. This has been supported (and implemented) since development began in March. Crafting Crafting your own gear and upgrades is a natural extension of a true survivalist’s skills, and we want to reflect that in the game. Check out the screenshots for a small taste at some of the stuff you can build ingame for your weapons! Zombie AI An obvious necessity. To rival the greats, our zombie AI system has been developed at its core to efficiently handle and support massive hordes of zombies, as seen in our demonstration video. Though we’re not even close to done.

Day/Night Cycle

We have a fully dynamic day/night cycle. Electrical System One of our earliest planned features. Electricity is a core part of modern life, and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse should reflect that. Our robust electrical system enables you to fully power your home, opening up many gameplay options; from the typical minutia of turning lights on and off, to permitting the usage of power tools to enhance your crafting and upgrades. Though nothing this good lasts forever, and bad luck and poor planning could leave you with dead equipment when things go south. Hunger & Thirst Food and drinks. You’ll need lots of them to survive. From rummaging through shelves, stores, bunkers, and buildings, to hunting fauna and farming your own fruits and vegetables. The Escapists: The Walking Dead

DEAD MATTER Free Download Repacklab

you’ll have to do what you can to stay healthy – even if that means setting up barrels to collect rainwater. Hunting Finding, chasing, killing, and skinning the wildlife of Alberta for their fur and meat. We’ve tooled hunting to feel satisfying and fun for when you finally track down that buck you’ve had your eye on. and plan to constantly work on and improve this system so we can deliver higher amounts of better zombies on screen without killing server or client performance. When your hunger and thirst increases, your vulnerability to disease raises with it. Trauma must be dealt with, individual limbs must be taken care of as there are many unique afflictions that they may fall to. When you’re with your friends, a dedicated doctor is a must-have.


When you look at footage of Dead Matter, it’s familiar enough at first: it’s an open-world game set in a post-apocalyptic version of rural Alberta, Canada. Zombies lurk in the eerily familiar gas stations and supermarkets along a main road that could be plucked from any small town in North America. But it quickly becomes clear that Dead Matter is aiming for a much more complex survival experience than you’ll find in similar games like State of Decay 2 or Day Z. Beginning life as a Crysis 2 mod in 2013, Dead Matter now boasts a dizzying level of simulation – while it’s a first-person game, the amount of character customisation options and items you can find in the game is more reminiscent of The Indie Stone’s underrated isometric classic, Project Zomboid. Zombie Army 4 Dead War Deluxe Edition

DEAD MATTER Free Download Repacklab

How you go about surviving in a zombie-infested Alberta mining town is up to you: you can work together with other players, but with something like 30 firearms available to find, you can bet that not everyone in the MMO game is going to be friendly and there’s likely going to be some tense Escape from Tarkov-style showdowns with other players. On your own, you’ll be able to customise and drive vehicles, hunt animals for food, and forage a wide range of locations for supplies. QI Software will be sending Steam codes for the Dead Matter closed alpha over the next couple of days, so we’re likely to see a lot more of this ambitious title in the weeks to come – it’s certainly got potential as a good game for streamers. You can find out more on the official site.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
CPU Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
CPU SPEED Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
VRAM 1024 MB
OS Windows 7 64-bit
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX
Storage: 25 GB available space