Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download Repacklab

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download  Have you ever thought about building up your own empire, without the risk of ending up sleeping under a bridge? Become the owner of a pawn shop and haggle like your life depends on it! Start small, grow big!. Begin your journey in a rundown shack and build up your business day by day by negotiating with customers, hiring employees and partaking in auctions. But be careful! Scammers will try to take advantage of you with counterfeit items and If someone ever wants to sell you a questionable “insurance” better choose your next words wisely. Auditions are so aimless. You know that it does not matter how much you pay because competitors don’t pay more than its current value. Buy it anyway. Repair and sell. Boom another 100k. sexy games

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download Repacklab

Each customer behaves differently during negotiations according to their unique psychological traits. It’s up to you to understand who you have in front of you, how to treat them and how to seal the deal! Use all your negotiation, psychology and management skills to create your pawn empire!. Fixed prices need to be higher. Otherwise it does not make you feel like you have to buy and sell. Wait for the most expensive item which is in a bad condition and sell it. Boom ! You made a million. It needs to make you think twice in every offer !

Dealer’s Life 2 Main Features

    1. The most technically advanced negotiation engine you’ve ever seen
      A myriad of items to buy and sell with fake and counterfeit items to avoid (or exploit!)
    2. Infinite customers to haggle with, each with their own personality and appearance
    3. Hire employees to help you with your job: search for the best experts, restorers, profilers, analysts, clerks and many others.
    4. Auctions! For times when you crave a little bit of extra adrenaline… aaand SOLD!
    5. Lots of humour and quotes from cult movies and videogames

I love this game as a good time waster since I was introduced to dealer’s life when I was using my Google play app pass and loved it. Though I’m giving a thumbs up in good faith this game will continue it’s development as the art style has changed which was a nice touch but everything else seems lacking. The game pretty much has the same content as the previous version except with a nicer art style a bit more customization option which does nothing for gameplay realistically. Golf With Your Friends 

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download Repacklab

You still go week after week just to buy/sell in the auctions and storage wars as your only means of slightly different gameplay beyond your pawn shop, tho if you’re playing in hardcore mode you pretty much don’t benefit from auctions or storage wars since more times than not you won’t get your values worth of items, instead you’ll be forced to pay way more than you could sell the items for or back out from it knowing you won’t make any money on that investment. This isn’t fun for challenging gameplay since it takes away from the already limited pool of content. Some concepts that can make the game fun and exciting while allowing difficulty changes in gameplay are.

About the game

Rival pawnshops ( local then global scale, in the original dealers life we had a “rival” but he didn’t provide a challenge at all, instead just gave rewards for completing simple goals and some item exchanges for the gambler in you) I’m thinking of more of rivals you see during storage wars, where you can choose to befriend them or create a true rivalry where in storage wars if you see them they will be more stubborn to raise prices based on the relationship. They can come to your shop and you to there’s where you can possibly buy items out and vice versa as well. Customer relationships where of you don’t normally scam them with fakes and super under sell or over sale them they will come more often and be easier to haggle in the future. Wizard of Legend 

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download Repacklab

A sales rack where players can place items for their estimated price and customers can buy without haggling ( good for smaller items sales). Magician that can give a chance for an upgraded version of your item, new item, fake item, down grade, x2 item, of item goes poof. Worldwide events that can make certain items more popular or less popular, these could be found on the news paper at the start of the day. Overall I love the game and I do recommend it if you want a relaxing game with progression, I love that reaching the end is more of a challenge than from the original just wish there was a bit more of a change of content.

Steam Reviews

Dealers life 2 is a promising sequel that improves in many ways. For example the art work looks way better. The ai seems comparable. But there does seem to be more item variations. Also the inclusion of more stores is welcome. Overall a good sequel but I would have to say it needs a little bit more polish to be fully released. 8/10.  I usually feel like the haggling mechanics in video games are simple or sloppy, but the devs have clearly put a LOT of time into making haggling feel real and natural, not just “random” or predictable/formulaic. Here are a couple examples of situations that are common.

Dealer’s Life 2 Free Download Repacklab

Someone comes with something appraised at 50k. They would accept a 40k offer if I offered it first (reloaded the game to confirm), but if I initially offer 30k, they get “mad”, and later won’t accept 40k. overall it’s a very fun game to play. the visual is nice and also the music in the game is awesome! it uses many skills during the negotiation and there are many things to do in this game. i recommended to all the people who still thinking about buying this. it is worth to try!. Big Pharma

Add-ons (DLC): Dealer’s Life 2

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP and up
Processor: 64bit CPU, 1 Ghz and up
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512MB +
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 150 MB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: –
Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –