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Dino Crisis Free Download With one foot in the world of Resident Evil and the other in Jurassic Park, the creators of Dino Crisis inched their way forward from the three-year old paradigm that Resident Evil began. Branded “Survival Panic” by Capcom, but called an adventure game by anyone else, Dino Crisis brings back the stylistic still camera angles, the multi-level labyrinthine structures, and the gallons of blood and gore with all of the shock and suspense that Resident Evil 2 delivered. Yes, RE2. Once you’ve played this RE, it’s never quite the same — or as scary — again. Repacklab.com sexy games

Dino Crisis Free Download Repacklab

Dino Crisis has a different take than Resident Evil. Less sci-fi, and more adventure, less supernatural and more, well, Jurassic Park, Dino Crisis delivers a vicious, flesh-tearing fright than its originator. This new face in the Resident Evil library has loads of merit, and is a fresh and original game in many ways. But there’s a strange catch. Ibis Island is also covered with real live, real hungry dinosaurs. The once lush, virgin landscape is actually rampant with hungry Raptors, T-Rexs, and other Jurassic-era carnivores. Your mission is simple: find Professor Kirk, get off the island alive, and discover if there is any relation between Dr. Kirk’s experiment and the dinosaurs.


(Just to let you know there are a lot of comparisons to the Resident Evil series here. We tried half-heartedly to edit them out, but after killing, and then drinking the blood of the big, evil T-Rex, and howling at the moon all night, there was little holding back.) Players assume the role of the slim, red-haired military government agent Regina. She looks like a mixed Japanese-Caucasian with blood-red hair, and you can bet that she’s worth looking at, from all angles, throughout the entire game. Along with a small band of similarly skilled agents, she begins this adventure by parachuting onto the island at night. You get to see one of them land on T-Rex’s favorite lunch spot and then, well…we’ll save that for you to see…and hear…and feel. Neo Cab

Dino Crisis Free Download Repacklab

Dino Crisis takes place in the not-so-distant future on Ibis Island. At the heart of the game is the primary “villain,” 29-year-old Professor Kirk, a scientific genius, who apparently died in an accident some years before. New data suggests he faked the death and has now formed a secret laboratory to complete an experiment after his own country discontinued funding of the project. Kirk’s research focuses on a revolutionary experiment to compile the “Principle of Clean Energy,” the ultimate energy source. He can take energy from the existing atmosphere and convert it to clean, useable energy. When this new source of energy is released, it can provide new life to our polluted planet, desperately in need of new power sources.


If you’ve played Resident Evil, you’ll instantly feel at home playing Dino Crisis. Capcom’s new dinosaur hunting adventure takes the RE paradigm and fleshes it out, brings new subtleties to it, and advances the game in weaker areas while adding new puzzles and strategy elements. But let’s be clear about this (because we may not have been before), it doesn’t create a whole new paradigm. It enhances and alters the one we all know and love. Warhammer 40000 Battlesector

Dino Crisis Free Download Repacklab

Gamers will notice several new control abilities not found in the Resident Evil series that make this smoother and more satisfying to play. First off, Regina can walk and hold any weapon simultaneously. Believe it or not, you couldn’t do that in Resident Evil or RE2, you had to enter into the inventory system to grab a weapon. It’s a necessity to have your guns out here. The predominant dinosaur here is the Raptor, a fast-moving, vicious predator that you’ll need to preempt whenever possible. Enabling Regina to shoot while walking is a logical step, and it’s welcomed.

Players also can perform all of the predictable abilities available in RE, such as walking, running, picking up items, shoving large objects (shelves or boxes), using electronic devices, such as doors, computers, and switches, reading documents, spinning, and climbing stairs and ladders, etc.

Inventory System of Dino Crisis

The inventory system has been revamped, too. It may just be my imagination, but it seems you can hold more of the stuff necessary to keep you alive and well armed for most of the game. Two interchangeable screens list items and weapons. Both show up on-screen simultaneously and move much faster than before. Selecting and arming weapons is also quick and easy. By selecting weapons, two menus appear on-screen, a weapon and an ammo menu, both of which are instantly interchangeable. Not only can you enhance weapons, like adding new pieces to your handgun, but also the ability to mix rescue aid, or tranquilizers, to enhance their effects strategically deepens the game. Instead of using that last buckshot, use a tranquilizer dart in the shotgun, and put the dino to sleep for a while. In fact, I wish there were more of this kind of solution in the game. Too often, I find I have to run or shoot straight bullets to avoid becoming instant prime rib. Tools Up! 

Dino Crisis Free Download Repacklab

Storage is essentially the same as in RE. Instead of storing excess stuff in trunks, you get plug-based electronic retrieval systems. You need two to three colored plugs to open a storage area, and at any other area, you can retrieve the same goods you stored.

Where Dino Crisis is an improvement over Resident Evil 1 and 2 is its speed. It’s much faster during the action parts of the game in many respects. Dinosaurs attack with such ‘realistic’ speed that players have to be constantly on the lookout for attacks. And of course, the carefully placed cameras set up situations where Regina walks around dozens of corners essentially blind. As for dino speed, with Raptors, you can run away from them, but they’re just as fast as you and they can jump over fences and large crates, etc. With the T-Rex, it simply lunges at you and, usually, eats you whole. In one special instance, the Raptors team up on you, like they’re believed to have done in their day, definitely assuring a bloody, horrific ending. If you’re smart — and have seen Jurassic Park — you’ll know what to do to escape. Fate EXTELLA LINK

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Final Release VC 2010 Redist

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operational System: Windows 98/ME/XP
Processor: Pentium @ 233 MHz
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RAM Free: 64 Mb RAM
Disk Space (HD): 250 Mb Free
Directx Version: DirectX 7

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 / Widows 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512 NB
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 250 MB available space