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Dragon Cliff Free Download Repacklab

Dragon Cliff Free Download is a Semi-Idle RPG game. Players are to collect adventurers, kill monsters, craft armories, advance talent trees, enchant/reforge equipment, discover mysterious scrolls and finally assemble the most powerful adventure team. In the world of Dragon Cliff, there are a number of different adventurers for players to choose from. They are broken into five classes: Assassin, Tank, Balanced, Healer, and Support. The class of the adventurer influences their skills and talents. The most obvious example of this is the Healer class. Members of this class include the Golden Shaman and the Missionary, and these two do most of their work using healing “damage.” Class influence affects both the primary skill and the tactic of an adventurer. Repacklab.com sexy games

Dragon Cliff Free Download Repacklab

Every adventurer also has two exclusive star item effects which boost the active skill, tactic or attributes of the adventurer, but these can be gained at a late stage of the normal game. The assassin class is primarily known for dealing tons of damage. There is very little focus on defense, with most abilities dealing large amounts of single target or multi target damage. An exception to this is the elemental wizard, who’s tactic generates shields for allies. Care should be taken when using assassins as they are prone to being low in the resistance and vitality aspects, having a tank or defense oriented support can help to counteract this.


For gaining the invitation of a class, see the Obtaining New Adventurers page. In case an adventurer is needed, it must be recruited from the Inn, where an adventurer stays for 45 in-game days. There are several ways of creating an adventurer: Every 20 days, the game will create one adventurer automatically. By spending Practice Points at the Inn by clicking the summon button, an adventurer will be created. This costs 50,000 points, which increases by 25,000 every time until it’s reset (every seven days or more).
Sometimes a successful adventure will give the player a new adventurer as a reward.
There are five events which create one adventurer of a specific class group or two adventurers of a random class group every fifteen days. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Dragon Cliff Free Download Repacklab

They also increase the quality of a potential adventurer. The Royal Noble will increase the quality temporary as well with an boost during events. The fifth and final way is by buying Elite Recruitment cards at the shop, which can be bought when the Mystic Dimension is unlocked. When bought, an adventurer will be created directly at the Inn. This method is very late available, compared to the other four methods. It’s not known if the adventurer created by the card has higher quality above any method mentioned here. The development of the primary attribute, agility and vitality depend on the growth potential of the unit. The higher the potential, the better these stats become every time the unit gains a level.

Types Of Damage

There are eight types of damage in the game: physical, fire, ice, shadow, poison, divine, lightning and real damage. Each damage hit may be constituted of multiple damage types: e.g. a 1,000 damage value can be constituted of 500 fire damage and 500 physical damage. In the table below are the side effects described of each type of damage and which adventurers use which type(s). The side effect of each type of damage is unlocked at level 30. Direct divine damage reduces targets’ output capacity up to 35%.  Direct fire damage can ignite all fire seeds on targets, and plant a new fire seed, dealing 80% (of output capacity) fire damage when ignited. Direct ice damage reduces targets’ agility up to 60%, and have up to 60% chance of freezing target for 1 second.

Dragon Cliff Free Download Repacklab

Although not an element, this term is often found in the descriptions of active skills and tactics and refers to the element of the adventurer. In case of armor, elemental resistance refers to resisting all elements, with the exception being real damage. With scrolls, it becomes possible to change the element of the unit. Direct shadow damage plant shadow spirits on target, dealing 25% of total damage per second for 3 seconds, and heal 20% of these damage back to caster. A type of damage which ignores all defenses of an enemy. This not an element to any class. Direct poison damage causes targets bleed for 3 seconds, dealing 20% of total damage per second. In addition, target’s heal effectiveness is reduced up to 50%, lasting 10 seconds.


    • A semi-idle game with deep and complex itemization systems to support endless character builds!
    • Up to 25 adventurer classes to choose from. Every class has its own unique battle ability and talent profile. Whether it’s a Young Warlock, Element Wizard, Drunk Reader, Fire Charger or a Soul Thief, they are all ready to server your town with their cool tactics and strategic abilities.
    • Time Based Command battle system: During battles, adventurers automatically perform actions when their Turn Progresses are fully charged, and players can unleash powerful tactics at any time by spending ‘Rage Points’. This frees players from micromanaging repetitive turn-based commands and allows fast paced and intense battle fights! Worms Armageddon
      Dragon Cliff Free Download Repacklab
    • There are almost 100 different active and passive skills to be explored with. Every skill has its distinguishable strategic pros and cons, and begging for players’ experimentation.
    • Hundreds of equipment and scrolls to be discovered and crafted. A flexible Effect System allows endless customization of your adventurers!
    • Enchant, Reforge and Effect Transfer systems allow high customization of adventurers’ equipment.
    • A deep gem system and a variety of set bonuses to further expand your strategy.
    • More than 200 types of monsters among 7 different maps waits for your exploration.
    • Attract residents and conduct explorations to further expand your town!

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 10
Processor: 1 Ghz or faster processor
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 1GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Additional Notes: Keyboard and Mouse

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system