Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download Repacklab

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download The ultimate Table Tennis simulator. Play opponents from around the world or hone your skills by playing a match against our AI. We’re obsessed with creating the most realistic VR table tennis simulation the world has ever seen. After countless hours of hard work and support from our amazing community, we believe that we accomplished that goal. We hope that you enjoy playing Eleven as much as we enjoy working on it. If you run into any issues or if you’re interested in joining our ever-growing community of table tennis fanatics, follow the link in the additional details section and join us on our discord. With the presumption that you can read, it’s quite obvious in the mere title of the game what you’ll be gaining with this very purchase: table tennis! SEXY GAMES

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download Repacklab

While the game is a little more in-depth than “table tennis in VR”, for the most part that’s exactly what this game boils down to, so being a fan of the sport; casual or otherwise will definitely carry over into the game. As already stated, the game is Table Tennis in VR, but instead of going in the arcade direction or the serious direction, the game has a nice middle game that players on both sides of the spectrum will appreciate. What I mean by all this is that while you can play the game perfectly normal as you would in a proper game of table tennis, with the first to match point receiving the win; you can also throw your own sort of spin on things. For instance, when you’re serving you need to bounce the ball at least once on your opponent’s side of the table for it to count as a valid serve.

Customising Paddle Surface

You can use custom presets for your paddle surface which can be retrieved later, either by modifying the “custom” preset or by creating your own preset. Bounciness determines how much speed can be transferred to the ball from the bat, and spin determines how much rotation can be added to the ball. Throw coefficient changes the resultant angle from shots, particularly spin shots, with higher values resulting in angles which are closer to the direction the bat moves rather than the reflected angle. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to surface settings. The best approach is to pick a preset and see how comfortable that feels to you, and if you feel it needs more or less speed or spin, to adjust accordingly. CITYCONOMY: Service for your City

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download Repacklab

If you are used to real table tennis racquets which are custom assembled with quality spinny rubbers, it is best to start with the advanced preset. If you are not used to racquets like that, and are either new to table tennis, not used to anything in particular or are used to premade cheaper racquets, old worn bats etc, best to start with the default/beginner preset.  what the game doesn’t state is how you can go about that. If you’d prefer to bounce the ball off the hanging lightbulb up on the ceiling; providing it hits your opponent’s side of the table, rather than yours or missing it completely, it will count as a valid move. This means for you as the player is that you can effectively bounce the ball off of any surface you find spread throughout your virtual environment to add a lot more flair or challenge.

all of this might be a lot of fun

Now, while all of this might be a lot of fun, without some company it might get a little stale every now and again. Thankfully, to avoid this the developers have implemented both a single player and multiplayer game mode for the players to get lost in for a little while. As far as both modes go, they’re fairly self-explanatory; with the single player mode having you tackle an AI, whereas multiplayer has you test out your table tennis related skills on a real person in VR. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to go up against complete strangers or your friends, as you’re given the option to play against either one of them; although I will admit being online with a friend as you talk trash, show off your skills, and have a bloody good laugh is an experience you won’t find so easily online without a friend. God of War – Chains of Olympus 

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download Repacklab

Looking at the game from a graphical perspective, it does its very best to try and immerse the player in an environment that they could mistake for their own. Everything in the room around you is designed to be as close to the realistic version as possible, while giving it that added extra to keep things interesting. I very much enjoy the art style the developers have gone for – it’s just at times I do wish the game wasn’t quite as dark as it is. When it comes down to it, though, that is probably the only gripe I’ve found with the game in the few hours that I’ve spent on it. There’s a whole lot to love here and regardless whether or not you’ve played hours upon hours of table t


Most skills from real life table tennis should be able to be transferred over. If you are an experienced real life player having trouble transferring your skills over to VR, consider how hard it can be to play with a new bat or rubber, and carefully customise your bat to as close as you can manage to your real life equipment. If you are not experienced in table tennis (real or VR) there are many youtube tutorials which are excellent guides, and many players within ETT are very happy to help give advice. Many controllers when held as intended do not feel like a table tennis bat. Consider Alternate grips and Adaptors for a more realistic-feeling alternative. For the service toss, the default position of the ball relative to the controller is not ideal for people used to serving from their palm. TEKKEN HYBRID

Eleven Table Tennis VR Free Download Repacklab

like in real life games. The position of the ball relative to the controller can be customised in Controller Settings. Reposition button – as shown in the tutorial, this can be used anywhere in the game to move the table just in front of you in the direction you’re looking, without changing the height. Draggable positioning – this tool moves the table along each of the 3 spatial axes but will not change its orientation. This can be toggled to be on at all times, or to avoid accidental repositioning, can be turned off or only active in the table settings menu. Set floor height – this is a method to automatically set the height of the table relative to your real floor. To use it, press the table reposition button, lower your controllers until they touch the ground, then press again to finish.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Perfect Hit VR Bundle Steam Sub 305597 KONA2017VR Steam Sub 110095

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX970, or AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or greater
Storage: 8 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system