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Evenicle Free Download is a 3D adventure Eroge RPG released in 2015 by Alicesoft. It is also notable for being drawn by Nan Yaegashi, the character designer of Senran Kagura. It was translated by Mangagamer for a 2018 release, and was released on Steam in October that same year. The game’s soundtrack was released as Alice Sound Album Vol. 27. Evenicle is set in a world created by the Holy Mother Eve. The world of Eve is governed by commandments which are enforced by the world. Breaking these commandments results in a permanent curse to become an outlaw, rejected by the world and by society. Aster returns to Abel only to learn of dire news: Colpis was kidnapped by Outlaws. Flustered by comparisons her with her brother, Ramius sets out on her own to track down the Outlaws. Aster, unable to watch a cute girl go die by herself. Repacklab.com sexy games

Evenicle Free Download Repacklab

talks Ramius into deputizing him as a soldier. However, she immediately abandons him upon learning about his long-term goals. Aster continues to trail her, to the abandoned mine that the Outlaws are using as a hideout. One of these commandments is one of commitment to one and only one partner. However there are people who are allowed more than one partner. Knights, sworn to protect humanity from monsters and outlaws, are permitted multiple partners in order to ensure that humanity’s blessed pass their blood to the next generation. On a small fishing village, a young man named Asterisk lives with his twin elder sister Kinou and Kyou. Asterisk loves his sisters and they love him but unfortunately he can not choose between them.


Asterisk, more commonly known as Aster, is the central protagonist of Evenicle. He is a half-human, half-dragon, and is heir to the lost Kingdom of Arthur, being the son of King Tram of Arthur and Queen Ruto of the Witches of the Round Table. Aster has no known surname, though given the naming conventions of other royal families in the World of Eve, it may be “Arthur.” Aster is hopelessly lecherous. His lust very well could have led him to becoming an Outlaw. But all that lust was supressed by his desire for rules. What he wants, more than anyone else in the world, is clear rules to follow. High-Rise Climb

Evenicle Free Download Repacklab

Ramius Dreissen is a knight in service to the kingdom of Eden, and hails from the town of Stallion. Daughter of a famous (but unnamed) Zero Knight, and sister to another Zero Knight, Acheval Dreissen, Ramius initially works to emulate their success, but only succeeds in alienating her fellow knights, earning the nickname, “Loner Knight.” Later, she meets up with the adventurer Aster, whom she marries. Together with Aster and the rest of their growing family, Ramius finds greater success than she did alone, and eventually ascends to the rank of Hundred Knight.


Asterisk wakes up to the voices of his twin non-blood sisters Kyou and Kinou, who beseech him to choose one of them. His answer is both, and then the scene fades back to the present, where he is drowning at sea. Holy Mother Eve The story takes place in the World of Eve. Holy Mother Eve created Man and gave divine blessings to people that live in this world, but only to those follow the two commandments: Do not kill another person.
Do not have sex (vaginal) with two or more people. Those who lost the divine blessing become Outlaws; they cannot farm, domesticate animals, nor mine. On the other hand, a Knight can have more wives to leave more descendants, which benefits humanity as it passes on stronger genes to fight off monsters. The Spellbook

Evenicle Free Download Repacklab

Aster Reaches the Mainland Aster comes to on a beach receiving mouth-to-mouth from a beautiful girl, who is nothing but shocked upon learning that he swam from the distant Fresh Fish Island. After a brief conversation about his motives for traveling and becoming a knight, the girl introduces herself as Riche before leaving to avoid the attention of gathering locals. The rabble soon disperses after lady knight Ramius Dreissen introduces herself. After clearing the townspeoples’ suspicions, she tasks Aster with obtaining 100G to prove his intent of becoming a knight. Having obtained the funds, Aster returns to Ramius at the town of Abel, where he learns a little more about the blessing of Mother Eve, the threat of the Outlaw curse, and the functions of the Church of Eve.

Aster and Ramius

Feeling dour after the events that took place, Aster returns to the shore where he washed up. While ruminating, Riche appears once more and determines from Aster’s story that Ramius was injected with Adan’s Blood. She then pleads for Aster to have sex with and effectively marry Ramius in order to sate the desires brought out by the drug, a proposition that he is more than happy to accept. After spending a night together, the two set out for the neighboring town of Stallion to meet with Ramius’ family and discuss plans for the prospective knight. Aster and his two wives decide to continue their investigation in the neighboring republic of Lancelot, a desert nation which they learn is holding an election. Ravager

Evenicle Free Download Repacklab

The leading candidates are the incumbent president, Bors, and a new rival, Tio. The party meets up with Towa in town and learn that she lost a watch at the nearby Lake Guinevere, home to Lancelot’s only source of water. Towa explains the history of Lancelot, and how its founder and the Witches of the Round Table set up a purification system to clean the water in the lake. The party decides to track down Bors on the campaign trail so that they can ask him about the Snake Crest, but are not able to arrange a meeting. Instead, they discover that Eden’s prime minister, Rochefort, has made an unofficial viist to the country and is publically recommending Bors for president.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista and up.
Processor: Core i3 or Higher.
Memory: 2 GB RAM.
Graphics: VRAM 256MB or higher/Shader Model 2.0 or higher.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.
Storage: 1400 MB available space.
Sound Card: Direct Sound.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista and up
Processor: Intel Core i7-5600U @ 2.60GHz or AMD Embedded R-Series RX-421BD
Memory: 6 GB
Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 or AMD Radeon HD 6750
DirectX: Version 9.0c