Friendship with Benefits Free Download

Friendship with Benefits Free Download Repacklab

Friendship with Benefits Free Download features several sex scenes, with full frontal nudity and penetration. Welcome to Arcadia, a new, mysterious and magic world that you’re trapped in! The inhabitants are a mixture of monster girls and anthro girls, and they’re almost all completely nude! This eroge combines visual novel story telling, with an open world, dating sim mechanics and some light role-playing to create a unique, engaging and very memorable experience. 30 Romanceable girls, each with their own personalities, stories, and style. Huge open world map with a variety of locations to visit, including a full day/night cycle which dynamically changes the opportunities available to the player. SEXY GAMES

Friendship with Benefits Free Download Repacklab

42+ Sex Scenes and 50+ Sex CG featuring a large variety of scenarios to sink your teeth into. 20+ hours of content and a world designed to be endlessly revisited A handy hint system so you’ll never get stuck or lost. Inventory systems, money, shops and more! Buy gifts for certain girls to unlock even more sex scenes. Hasbro has been known to be very serious when it comes to any game / music / art / brand that is being sold using his licensed characters, so I was shocked to see this game exist, especially seeing how it’s very NSFW and Adult 18+. With that said, what are my feelings on this game? Well- it’s a hidden gem to say the least.


The game is basically a straight forward Dating Sims game, with you having a harem. It’s easy, hard to fail if at all, and you will get the same results most likely so your choices don’t matter too much. So is this game bad then? Oh no, the dialogue and how you interact with the characters in the game is what makes the gameplay so good. Your approach to things and seeing how the results differs to the same execution is what truly matters, and I loved nearly all segments of the game. There is a story, and a plot going on. You’re a human who got summoned into the anthropomorphic world of these humanoid ponies, and you work while trying to find out why you’re there and what’s going on behind the scenes. The Star Cove Incident UNCENSORED

Friendship with Benefits Free Download Repacklab

Plenty of it. 20+ hours of it, no joke. It took me TWENTY HOURS to complete this game, and 90% of it is NSFW, other stuff is world building or important details that is probably my favorite. But yea, definitely a lot of choices in positions, how you ‘do it’ with the girls, ect. and depending on the time of day, your relationship, and how much you’ve unlocked, you can get access to new positions or activities with said mares, maybe more. I won’t lie, the NSFW stuff is chef’s kiss, and will definitely make people happy. I’m not even that much into smut, and I had to admit, it was really good stuff Goal is simple besides the plot, you go and work. You will need to make money to buy things, so you work more.

Make Friends with Benefits

You make friends with benefits along the way, and open up more options to make more money. You are also given options to work with the same people, or pick different mares on any given day. Depending on what you do, it can lead to new pathways and new cutscenes, even new characters which trust me, you will eventually do. While the game is so simple, it also offers a lot to enjoy and to be engaged with the characters, speaking of … With a game like this, you would assume it’s mostly cringe or awful. But to my absolutely shock, it’s … well written, even deep. While most of the dialogue can end up being smut or basic dirty talk, a lot of other conversations go into territory that perfectly explores. I Got A Cat Maid

Friendship with Benefits Free Download Repacklab

the lore of the game’s world, the morals, the ideals, the psychology and physics / laws that are applied to the realm. They even get scientific or dive into very complex discussions at times, making me very immersed because the game treats me like an adult, not some horny teen. Though, the smut stuff can get a little repetitive but I don’t mind, it’s always delivered in a very good way so I can overlook the smut. Most people came here for the smut anyways. Also more than half the time, the game is very aware of itself and has some comedy gold. I caught myself laughing multiple times out loud from the dialogue, let alone how clever and great the dialogue can be.

Steam Reviews

It’s one of those rare games you don’t come across often, think it’s going to be a cheap rip-off of some popular show / game / ect. but it turns out to be super good, possibly up there in your top ten games of said category. While there was a few issues I had with it, the game is overwhelmingly positive on all fronts, I can easily forgive the tiny negatives, including that one awful soundtrack in the Nightclub. Above all, this game is an 8.5 / 10 for me, a must have for anyone. Heck, you don’t even need to be a fan (or prior fan) of MLP: FiM to enjoy this game. Although if you are, it’s going to be all the better. I do warn you, they explore almost every ‘kink’ so be careful when playing this game, it can go there. Back to the Cabin UNCENSORED

Friendship with Benefits Free Download Repacklab

I have around 31 hours with this game and I’ve done just about everything there is to do. Sometimes the sex scenes change slightly when you do them a second time, so the only thing I haven’t done is go around and do every sex scene a second time to see if it changes. A great thing about this game is you can do everything in one play through and that’s 30+ hours of unique game play. Many games of this genre have branching paths in the story so if you choose option A in the beginning of the game you can’t see the other parts of the game unless you play through again and this time choose option B. This ends up giving these games an artificially higher game play.

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Steam Sub 453249 Steam Sub 453250

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 720
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system