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Gun Bombers Free Download Repacklab

Gun Bombers Free Download In a Nutshell Gun Bombers is a top-down 2D arena shooter. Play with up to 10 players (LAN / Online) in randomly generated and fully destructible maps. Although primarily a multiplayer game some single player and co-op content is also available. How it works, Gun Bombers is a round-based multiplayer game. In each round you mine for gold, treasures and other specialty items that might aid you. You also have to watch out and combat other miners until the last one is standing or when the timer runs out. In between the rounds you purchase and equip better weapons, bombs and items. You are scored points for various things including mining minerals and defeating other miners. sexy games

Gun Bombers Free Download Repacklab

The winner is the one with the highest score after the final round. Connect with up to 10 players in local area network or internet, Explore the randomly generated maps, Take Advantage of the fully destructible terrain, Employ Various Strategies with the array of weapons, bombs and items, Chance the Pace with different game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team Capture The Base, Soccer, Coop Endless) Laugh as you bombard your friends with an exploding duck or blast them in the face with a shotgun. Create your own multiplayer maps with the in-game Map Editor and share the creations on Steam Workshop This is a fantastic throwback to the original Mine Bombers.

unique combination of bomber man, minecraft

Gun bombers is a unique combination of bomber man, minecraft and some kind of top down shootery thing. You mine out rocks and sand, find gems, explore them map, conspire to kill your enemies with bombs, mines, guns etc and between rounds you use all the money you aquired to buy all manner of weird weapons including room filling polyethalene barrels to cricket bombs (that home towards enemies in line of sight and explode with every jump). No two matches are the same and its very satisfying to get a guy right in the path of your rocket turret. Despite being complete, it is still having things added to it (as of this review)(, hello people of the distant future, did we win world war three or are we all speaking martian now?)). Helltaker 

Gun Bombers Free Download Repacklab

There are also all kinds of fun bonuses across the map like maps, incremental upgrades to your pick and weird stuff like scuba gear. In a nutshell, you have multiple rounds where you have to divide your time between trying to kill the other players and mining for minerals to gain currency to be spent buying weapons before the next round. Surprisingly similar to Counter-Strike if it also had random piles of cash around the map which you could go for prior to planting the bomb. The UI is based on its spiritual precursor, a SNES(?) game, so there’s of room for improvement there. Weapon selection included. A must buy for everyone who likes minebombers. And also for those who are not familiar with minebombers, you really should check that or this game out.

Gun Bombers Gameplay

A sensible gameplay upgrade from Mine Bombers (MB), which itself was something akin to Bomberman with treasure mining. MB itself wasn’t just about bombs as it already had a flame thrower and a grenade launcher. The two guns and bombs inventory tabs takes some getting used to as you have to switch the active tab. In the end you are better off using quick slots, something that was badly needed in MB. Gun Bombers improves the gameplay with more powerups and inclusion of toxic gas, water and lava rivers. Even with a single player survival mode it is still heavily focussed on multiplayer though. So be sure to bring a friend. The only other way is to join the official Discord server. Zoom. I love the zoom feature. Lock On Modern Air Combat 

Gun Bombers Free Download Repacklab

but feel I am disadvantaged when using it, so it is rather redundant. If larger maps were ever going to be a thing, I’d like to see everyone forced to the same zoom level, not necessarily being able to view the entire map at once. The digging mechanic; having to aim in the direction you want to dig was annoying at first, but became second nature after a few matches. I still find myself accidently digging while running toward or away from someone, would be nice to have to confirm an intent to dig, a key or something. Gun Bombers is actually faster paced than I realised; my first game, I ran into the other player with a pistol and clicked my mouse to fire; shoot….. shoot… .. shoot, shoot shoot. The realisation that it plays more like Soldat or Crimsonland.

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I loved the original Mine Bombers and has always wanted a new release of it, but version 2 never came… I even started making my own clone. But this one is better than what my work would have been, it has great LAN support and I can finally enjoy playing such a game again! It is great work, keep it up! The level graphics could maybe be made to look better though, like rounded corners on the mountains and whatnot. This game is a faithful homage to the original mine bombers. Connect to a multiplayer server with your friends to duke it out with cloak and dagger explosive fun. Use guns for a direct approach, or leverage more advanced tactics, such as nuclear warfare, minefields, and area control. All in all, I’m quite impressed with this game! Just In Time Incorporated

Gun Bombers Free Download Repacklab

I grew up playing games like this on SEGA, and they’ve always been a hell of a lot of fun with friends. Anything that brings that loungeroom fun back, and does it with online multiplayer gets my vote instantly. Ultimately, my best comparison from my childhood would have to be Liero, that real-time worms game that ran on DOS. Easily played at school because it would fit on a single floppy disk. I can’t believe I just typed that, I haven’t mentioned floppies in so, so long. This game is pretty awsome just like the Devs who are working on it! I enjoy playing this with my friends and I’m glad Nollakaks, Facechild, and the Devs introduced it to me. I should play it more often lol. Anyways, gameplay for me was a bit difficult to get used to at first.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP or greater
Processor: i5 @ 2.00 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HDGraphics or better with DX9 support
Storage: 40 MB available space
Additional Notes: Monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio recommended

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system