Hearts of Iron III Free Download

Hearts of Iron III Free Download Repacklab

Hearts of Iron III Free Download lets you play the most engaging conflict in world history, World War 2, on all fronts as any country and through multiple different scenarios. Guide your nation to glory between 1936 and 1948 and wage war, conduct diplomacy and build your industry in the most detailed World War 2 game ever made. Play as any nation from 1936 to 1948, more than 150 countries to choose from. Control the oceans with aircraft carriers, submarines and battleships and use your air force to defend your skies, support your naval and ground forces, and to bomb your enemies Thousands of historically accurate real-world military commanders and politicians. Realistic military command AI with unprecedented levels of interaction. Repacklab.com sexy games

Hearts of Iron III Free Download Repacklab

In-depth diplomatic and political system. Historical accuracy combined with an unparalleled level of freedom of choice, More than 10,000 land provinces makes the game five times more detailed than HoI2 and the most detailed depiction of World War 2 ever made. Customize your divisions in detail with more than 20 types of brigades New economic system makes it possible to buy weapons from abroad. Mobilization and reserves gives the option of surprise attacks, Blitzkrieg made real. Government-in-exile makes it possible to continue to struggle from abroad with underground movements and uprisings against the oppressing power. Strategic warfare system makes it more important to defend the skies and oceans.

take control of any nation in the world

Hearts of Iron III allows the player to take control of any nation in the world and guide that nation through World War II. The player controls virtually every aspect of their country, including production, research, diplomacy, warfare, politics. and espionage. The game centers around three factions: the Axis (led by Germany), the Allies (led by the United Kingdom), and the Comintern (led by the Soviet Union). All other nations can slowly align with one of the factions. Nations are more likely to side with factions that they are ideologically and diplomatically aligned with. The player can use a multitude of different divisions, fleets, and warplanes to engage in combat with enemy forces. against foreign attacks; leaving cities open to enemy bombing will now be devastating. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron III Free Download Repacklab

A completely new intelligence system, with several types of intelligence sources, makes it possible to get information about enemy reserves and troop movements. Assign troops to “theatres” on the map to fight two-front wars more successfully. The new AI system and more detailed map will allow for more strategic decisions. Flexible technology system with hundreds of categories, where major powers get their own unique attributes. The engine is the Clausewitz Engine, introduced by Europa Universalis 3 , and the map is now in 3D. Compared to its predecessor, the game brings an in-depth new political system (with the appearance of political parties), a government-in-exile simulation system , a map subdivided into more than 15,000 provinces (while Hearts of Iron 2 in numbered 2,600).

grand strategy game

Hearts of Iron III is a grand strategy game on a global scale that starts in 1936 and ends in 1947. It also includes a number of pre-set dates so players can jump right into the action after a key moment. Players can choose to lead any nation they want, from Canada to South Afrika to Japan, and will be in charge of selecting domestic policies, research goals, production priorities, diplomatic positions and army and navy orders. And while that’s true of many grand strategy games, Hearts of Iron III gets down to such details as hiring and firing specific cabinet ministers, licensing designs for foreign production, building individual brigades, setting invasion times to take advantage of daylight and weather effects, and selecting sites for new rocket test labs. War on the Sea

Hearts of Iron III Free Download Repacklab

The game also improves on the scripted history of Hearts of Iron II with the addition of new decisions and laws that come up according to preset conditions. So you may play a game where France holds out in a war against Vichy France, or where the US joins the Allies in 1937, or where Ecuador and Peru find themselves drawn into the alliances and wind up fighting their own war in South America. While the general alliances of the main powers are fixed, the game can go in many interesting directions from there. In one of our games, the Chinese crushed the Japanese invasion and Russia was able to liberate Europe by the end of 1943. While it sounds like the player would soon get bogged down under such an avalanche of seemingly minor details.

the depth is mind-blowing

The depth is mind-blowing. Just about everything you could imagine is modeled here. Democracy, fascism, and communism go toe-to-toe on the world stage, both diplomatically and on the battlefield, courtesy of the machinations of the Allies, Axis, and Comintern powers. Nations are fully stocked with leaders, including cabinet ministers and generals, all with their own skills and personalities. Laws are passed and national priorities are set that can mirror history or send things off on wild tangents. Some 15,000 provinces are ready for you to micromanage, with their traits being modeled right down to such natural resources as food and oil, as well as economic builders, such as factories, that contribute to industrial capacity. Treasure Hunter Simulator

Hearts of Iron III Free Download Repacklab

Armies, navies, and air forces are built from the ground up, then sent into battle at your command. Technology is researched to build better military hardware and improve economic production at home. Spies steal information from rivals and indulge in sabotage. Even weather fronts now roll across the continents, affecting military moves and economic production. You can take direct control of army groups when necessary, of course, although the artificial intelligence seems to do a superb job of smartly carrying out your directives. The only oddity here has to do with battle casualties; they sometimes seem impossibly low, with two people dying in a showdown among 20,000 infantry. There is also more back-and-forth with your underlings.

Add-ons (DLC): 

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Peace in Our Time US Infantry Sprite Pack  Stars and Stripes Mega German Sprite Pack For the Motherland Semper Fi: Dies Irae Gotterdammerung
Semper Fi Secret Weapons of WWII DLC Semper Fi Expansion German II Sprite Pack Soviet Infantry Spritepack Soviet Music Pack Soviet Sprite Pack
Japanese Infantry Sprite Pack German Infantry Sprite Pack  German Sprite Pack US Sprite Pack DLC 10 DLC 9

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Processor:Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+
Memory:2 GB of RAM
Hard Disk Space:2 GB
Video Card:NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon X1900 videocard
Sound:Direct X-compatible sound card
DirectX®:Direct X 9.0

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: OS X 10.5.8 or higher
Processor: Any Intel CPU
Memory: 128 MB VRAM, 1GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 1.3 GB hard disk space
Video Card: GeForce 7300, Radeon HD 2400 (GMA cards not supported)
Internet: Broadband connection for Internet play
Registration: Internet connection for registration