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Jerez’s Arena Free Download Repacklab

Jerez’s Arena Free Download Glenn is a slaveowner who values money over one’s life. He won the bid for Claudia, the daughter of a former noble family, the Quinel, at an auction.To exchange for her freedom, Claudia promised to earn money for Glenn, and agreed to fight in the sinister arena. Will she claim the triumph of a glorious winner, rejoice in the revival of her family, or suffer in the hell of endless humiliation? With the joining of the mysterious dark elf — Irene, the fateful three will set off a blushing story. sexy games
Game Features

    1. Up to 100,000 words of scenario text.
    2. Tons of H plots and events,200+ CGs、25+Events.
    3. Two heroine with a completely different characteristic, having their own story and personal ending.
    4. Simple training mode, exciting combat experience.
    5. Conditioning your own slave as you want.
Jerez’s Arena Free Download Repacklab

The game has multiple endings and tons of H plots under different conditions. The choices you make in the plot and the results of the arena battle will affect the direction of the game. Therefore, you as Glenn need to carefully arranged your daily schedule. Cultivate beautiful slave fighters through Conditioningor training, and earn revenue through mission and arena fighting.

Game Experience

The gameplay parts are divided into visual novel and training simulation. The visual novel part is mainly related to the story and the H event. You are the master of the gladiator girls and run the store. At the start of the game, you start with one gladiator girl. You should train her to make more money. She serves you for freedom. As a gladiator slave, she has to go to the arena to fight duels against opponents at regular intervals. You need to train her well for the victory. However, training her takes costs, so you make her do quests for getting money as well. The quest includes physical labor or night service. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition 

Jerez’s Arena Free Download Repacklab

At the stadium duel, simplified turn-based battles unfolds. Each opponent has a weakness, so you should find the better choice. When the right moment comes, your gladiator anime girl can trigger a special martial art. When the story opens to some extent, you can get another heroine. She has a completely different nature than your first gladiator girl. You will have a good time with them as your taste. The gameplay is overall fun, but lacks some convenience features. Since it is mostly repetitive work except for the story part, it would be better if game speed adjustment and autosave functions are supported.

Interesting Anime Hentai Game

Jerez’s Arena. This is an interesting anime hentai game that features pretty gladiator girl characters who have elastic bodylines. The partial voice acting is supported for the H event. Gameplay stimulates the curiosity of the player at the first few turns, but it will get to have repetitive patterns gradually. Besides, the game difficulty is somewhat high. Fortunately, since heroine characters are attractive, the play will not stop gameplay easily. You will be struggling to get more H events with them. That is the core point of the hetai anime game. You can have a good time in this game. If you are hesitant, try this game. It’s a worthwhile experience and will contribute to further developing the hentai anime genre on Steam. Recommended! STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town 

Jerez’s Arena Free Download Repacklab

Great game until you beat it….if you don’t like time set/limit games this will not make you happy. this would be a great game if you were able to continue playing after the dead line with the timely battles after so many days. At this point can’t really agree to the price of the game for what little you do in the game as well. Sorry if not giving much info about the game, for there will still be people out there that will still by it. Not saying not to but most def wait for a good/great sale to get this one.

Steam Reviews

This is an adult themed gladiator visual novel. This game, at least in my opinion, was good-bad. The training interface was actually kind of fun, sort of reminicent of princess maker, it was nice to see our heroine evolve. The visual novel aspects were well drawn and the protaganist was gorgeous. That all said, there were a lot of problems. It would have been nice if Claudia had more agency. As one other reviewer noted, this is more of a third person visual novel with a few choice points that is mostly kinetic. Added to that a lot of the cut scenes didn’t fit the job action they were associated with. And then there was the dark elf character-at least to me she just seemed really inconsistent. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Jerez’s Arena Free Download Repacklab

In her intro scene we are led to believe that she is a self assured sort of sucubus style creature, but then pretty much through the rest of the game every time she has sex she is either surprise or horrified by it. Plus, maybe I was doing something wrong, but she couldn’t win a fight for the life of me. If Claudia had remained the singular character I think I would have enjoyed the game and plot a lot more. As it was, I trained Claudia to be probably the most deadly, willfull creature in the world…then Ellen lost all of her fights, and I got an abrupt horrible ending. So yeah.. That said, I’ll still recomend this game. Its not great, but theres worse games in the adult video game genre…a lot worse games.  Fight Angel Special Edition 

Add-ons (DLC): Jerez’s Arena

Game + OST Jerez’s Arena 赫雷斯的角鬥場 Steam Sub 465946

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64bit OS
Processor: Core i3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: HD Graphics
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10 64bit OS
Processor: Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: HD Graphics
Storage: 3 GB available space