Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition Free Download

Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition Free Download Repacklab

Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition Free Download Get ready for some seriously stylish action from renowned designer SUDA51. In this exclusive version for PC, players will be slicing, dicing, and shooting as the suave executioner Mondo Zappa. Prepare for the thrill of love and kill in KILLER IS DEAD! Considered an amalgamation of the storyline depth demonstrated by SUDA51 in killer7 and the high-speed action gameplay used in No More Heroes, Killer Is Dead follows government-sanctioned assassin Mondo Zappa as he eliminates opponents of his execution office clientele. When his clients and targets begin frequenting his own childhood memories, Zappa grows determined to find answers. The game is meant to illustrate the “dark side” of secret agents, and like James Bond, contains a slew of love interests mirroring Bond girls. sexy games

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition Free Download Repacklab

SUDA51 went on to describe Killer Is Dead as, “the story of a man who doesn’t show himself much in the public world but still worms his way into society and mercilessly eliminates the evil dispersed in it. It’s a personal story, not one that’s conscious of the chaos going on in the real world at the moment, but you might get more than a taste of that in the end anyway. The story is set in a fantastic and futuristic universe (where space tourism and human improvements exist). Pawnbroker hires new agent, Mundo Zappa. This visibly different from the usual members is sent on a particularly delicate mission for an introduction. The contract stipulates that a monster resembling a woman would haunt an old mansion and attack there passers-by and inhabitants of the neighboring village.


Rain falls in a dim alley as two figures confront one another. Tokio, a deranged criminal whose right arm has been replaced with an automatic weapon, identifies the other man as an “executioner.” This man stalks Tokio down the alley, effortlessly reflecting a flurry of gunshots using a katana. When he exits the alley, Tokio ambushes and seemingly kills his pursuer. Tokio’s relief is cut short when the man silently rises and hacks away his firearm limb. Bleeding out at the bottom of the alley, Tokio realizes that his opponent is aligned with “the darkness,” and with that the man slices off Tokio’s head. A purple aura rises from the body and coats the Moon above. Two years later, Mondo Zappa’s morning begins with a letter of acceptance into the office of Bryan Roses, whose government-sanctioned organization employs hitmen to execute villains across the globe. Seed Of Life

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition Free Download Repacklab

Zappa’s roommate, Mika Takekawa, is disappointed that her request has been denied, but cheers up when Zappa offers Takekawa a position as his assistant. Zappa and Takekawa meet with Roses and his colleague Vivienne Squall, who is initially hard on the pair. After a brief explanation of how the office functions, the group welcomes its latest client, an artist named Robert who claims an arthropod is responsible for a series of recent disappearances in his area. Robert signs a contract for the execution of this monster, and Vivienne dispatches Zappa and Takekawa on their first hunt. Inside the client’s house Zappa discovers not Robert but a woman named Alisa, whose older sister Alice has not been herself since being tricked by “a scary-looking man.”


In addition to close-range attacks with his katana, Zappa can alter his cybernetically-enhanced left arm, Musselback, into various forms including a gun and a drill earned as gifts from his love interests. His left- and right-wielded weapons can be upgraded throughout the game at any time. Slashing away at and killing Wires or other foes allows Zappa to absorb blood, similar to killer7’s Blood mechanic, which can be used to launch an “Adrenaline Burst” attack which instantly dispatches Wires. Zappa can also transform Wires into Dark Matter, before using the Adrenaline Burst to transform the resulting Dark Matter into pure energy. Killer Is Dead is an action video game where players take control of protagonist Mondo Zappa. Broforce

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition Free Download Repacklab

As Zappa, the player goes through twelve story-driven missions selected from a world map; they range from short linear levels to longer levels that require exploration. Some level areas also require the activation of switches to move forward. During missions, Mondo fights a variety of enemies using his katana and cybernetic gun arm; using the latter changes the camera angle to an over-the-shoulder perspective. The combat of Killer Is Dead relies on maintaining the combo meter. Each time Mondo hits an enemy, he starts a combo chain which grows as long as Mondo lands consecutive hits without an enemy hitting him. At the highest combo level, special attacks are unlocked which provide different upgrade materials.

Exclusive Features for Nightmare Edition:

The game features three mission types: story-based missions that move the narrative forward; sub-missions set within the main levels where Mondo must complete tasks that can vary from pure combat missions to retrieval quests; and “Scarlet” missions where the female support character Scarlet issues combat challenges. After completing each mission, the player is awarded with a rank and a consequent level of upgrade items and in-game currency. These can be used for a fourth mission type dubbed “Gigolo Missions”. During Gigolo Missions, Mondo goes out with a selection of women and fill up a “Guts” meter by making eye contact, with more intimate areas such as their breasts granting more points. Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover

Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition Free Download Repacklab
    • New difficulty mode called Nightmare Mode. In this mode, enemies can only be defeated using the following attacks: Adrenaline Burst, Dodge Burst, Headshots, so the gameplay requires far more skill and tactics. Players will not be able to use the Final Judgement finisher (QTE mode) to defeat enemies.
    • Theater Mode – Rewatch cutscenes and get extended background information on characters, helping to unravel the story after your 1st playthrough
    • Smooth Operator Pack for console will be included, which includes X-ray glasses, bewitching outfits, stunning beauties, and a killer new mission and boss!

Add-ons (DLC): 

-Deep Silver Horror – Koch Catalog -Christmas Gifts

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.3 Ghz or AMD Phenom X4 2.3 Ghz or above
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 13 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel/AMD Quad Core 2.3 Ghz or above
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 or AMD Radeon HD 2900
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 13 GB available space