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Knights of Honor Free Download Repacklab

Knights of Honor Free Download As King, it is your duty to lead your people in their struggle to raise your kingdom from its humble beginnings to a position of power and prestige. War, diplomacy and a burgeoning economy are the means by which you increase your power and expand your influence. A unique Knight-management system will offer you brand new possibilities to enhance your personal strategy. Knights of Honor is a medieval strategy game where you are in control of a kingdom, empire, duchy, emirate or several other kinds of states from that period. You build up cities, burn and loot enemy towns with your marshals, earn gold or goods with merchants, spy on other nations with spies, make and break alliances, fight crusades, slaughter rebels and destroy history! sexy games

Knights of Honor Free Download Repacklab

There are three main religions of which the nations are part, and to which they can convert: Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Muslims. Theres also pagans, but you cant become pagan, and few nations start pagan. aside from some bonuses (Roman Catholics get a boost to income, Muslims can call for jihad which produces free, weak units that attack other religions’ armies) and negative effects (Roman Catholics can be excommunicated by the pope, and all, but have to send armies to fight in crusades when they are powerful) There are four ways to win. The easiest (comparatively) is to get all “kingdom advantages” (basically improvements from having certain trading goods), which requires a large income and at least eight cities with harbors, as well as many different resources, which usually take a dozen or so differnt provinces.


Knights of Honor is played on a large map of Europe spanning from Ireland to Caucasus and from Scandinavia to the northern coast of Africa. The map is divided into parcels of land called provinces. Each province is governed by a city and contains several “Rural Areas” which can be towns, farms, monasteries and coast towns. These rural areas can’t be altered and are placed randomly across the map before each game. The city, however has room for several buildings which can give bonuses to the rural areas or the city itself, such as more piety in the monasteries when a church is built or a higher income from the towns when a market is present in the city. Other buildings are needed to recruit certain units (such as a swordsmith for sword-wielding units or a fletcher for bow-wielding units) or to defend the city such as walls and towers. Age of Empires III 

Knights of Honor Free Download Repacklab

A city only has limited room for buildings. Thus, not all buildings can be built in a city and the player must carefully consider what to build for a particular city. Compared to other strategy games, building structures in KOH takes a rather long time. The main goal of the game is to become emperor of Europe. However, the player is free to do whatever they wish. There is no set time limit. There are three kinds of resources which can be spent on a variety of upgrades. Money is needed to recruits units, build buildings, etc. It is earned by taxes, trading and kingdom power. Piety is used for increasing your kingdom power and converting provinces to your religion. Books are used to educate your knights and adopting provinces.

Trade and exotic goods

Provinces can have up to three attributes called “province features” which allow the construction of certain buildings. For instance if a province contains fertile soil, an apiary can be built in that province. These buildings give access to “trade goods” which have a number of positive effects on the kingdom. For example, horses allows mounted units, wine makes a population happier and silver brings in extra money. Controlling such provinces is the key to success in Knights of Honor. Besides trade goods, which can be obtained in provinces where the right province features are present or by importing them from other kingdoms, there is another type of goods called “exotic goods”. These goods can’t be produced within a province but have to be imported by means of an admiralty, the upgraded version of a harbour. Age of Empires II HD 

Knights of Honor Free Download Repacklab

Examples are ivory, gems and spices. Exotic goods, together with trade goods, are needed to activate so called “kingdom advantages”. There are ten different kingdom advantages each requiring a different set of trade and exotic goods and each giving a different advantage. For instance, the kingdom advantage “Secret Order”, which gives a bonus to spies, requires the following trade goods: columns, statues, silver and dyes and the following exotic goods: ebony and ivory. Controlling many provinces certainly gives an advantage over other kingdoms not only because of more income but also because of the goods and eventually the kingdom advantages. However, larger kingdoms are harder to maintain and defend.

Game Features

A large community of modders created a lot of content for the game, though nowadays almost all has been lost in the closure of Sunflowers/Black Sea Studios Website. But some mods have been restored and have been recently developed thanks to the nostalgia of some players. One of them has created a mod which allow to play on new monitor resolution such as Full HD – 1920×1080 and 1366x768p. It adds many new content and tweaks. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition 

Knights of Honor Free Download Repacklab
    • Loyal knights blessed with special skills stand true at your side. Use them wisely in the military, the administration of your lands and in diplomacy, and then use their hard-won experience to further develop their talents as you see fit.
    • Astute development of your estates and castles both satisfies your people and secures you decided strategic advantages. A suitable infrastructure can soon promote a flourishing economy. Exotic resources and relicts are spread over the game world and will reward your complete kingdom with special amenities.
    • Lead your hand picked troops into battle and conquer enemy realms. Storm massive fortresses or lay siege to them and starve your enemies out or even poison the water. Defend your own realms against invading forces and use your tactical skills wisely.
    • Use your feel for diplomacy when concluding trade agreements or entering into military alliances. Choose husbands for your daughters wisely, consolidating your power through marriage. Be ever on the watch for assassins and spies – and do not get caught yourself.

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows® XP, Windows® 2000
Processor: 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® III or AMD® Athlon™ processor
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 16 MB video card with 1024×768 resolution
Hard Drive: 1.2 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games
Sound: DirectX 9.x compatible sound card

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system