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Lovely Overseer Free Download Repacklab

Lovely Overseer Free Download is a dating simulator – game contains mature themes. Alcohol Reference, Sexual Content, Lewd jokes & dialog, Suggestive Themes, Nudity, All the characters in this game are above 18 years old. This game is an animated romantic dating simulator in the furry style. You are a young lieutenant overseeing the correction of magically talented individuals in the closed and isolated complex of the military Academy. Your main task is to maintain order and train recruits under the supervision of your mistress, Neoma. Will you have time for privacy and romance, or will you blindly obey the witch? Subordinate recruits to you have outstanding magical abilities that exceed your own potential, so you must be extremely careful with them – in moments of stress they completely lose control of their magic. sexy games

Lovely Overseer Free Download Repacklab

4 girls with unique personalities that you can form a romantic bond with, each with their own background and storyline Fully animated characters and cut-scenes (Full HD) Manage your day wisely and be careful to balance your work and personal life Dive into the atmosphere of the game thanks to the great music and beautiful backgrounds “You must help them to control their talents at will, using different methods to pass the final test. Recruits who will not be able to suppress their talents at their will will be isolated from society as extremely dangerous individuals. Don’t be afraid to be too harsh with them – they’re not in any position to complain, we’re already spending a huge amount of money on training battle mages. Any form of protest and resistance must be brutally suppressed, use your squad if necessary.

Romantic Relationship

In your free time, you can try to have a romantic relationship with one of your peers, or if you are bold enough to take the risk maybe you can be lucky enough to invite your mistress on a date? For further briefing, lieutenant, I’m waiting for you in my office, Neoma.“ Be wary of the Witch Neoma, she is extremely authoritarian and slightly… insane. In general, you do not approve of her methods of leadership, but you do not always have the spirit to contradict her directly. She gets sadistic pleasure in punishing the guilty, and if you do not do your duties, her punishment awaits you. You feel sympathy for your recruits, but the only thing you can do is do your job well. After playing Lovely Overseer and trying out a few other paths and exploring different endings and outcomes, I have to say the game is a solid. Trap Genesis 

Lovely Overseer Free Download Repacklab

The game offers a lot of what I am looking for in games like this. An interesting cast of characters, choices, and multiple routs. The world we are placed in is engaging and I wanted to learn more about it. My first playthrough I just tried to interact with as many scenes as I could. I reached the ending of the game soon, and in my first playthrough I was on the Lucy route which I enjoyed, but at the end I got a bad ending for her. This confused me a bit because everything seems to be going so well, but the character suddenly does a 180 from loving me to cold shoulder. I now understand it is because I did not max out the skill she likes. Playing the route again I focused on that skill and her affection to get the good ending. I do not mind this system, though I do think it should be a bit more forgiving for those who want to just play around.


The game mechanics are solid. Each day has three different parts in which you can teach some specific subjects that’d increase your stats and give you some money, give your love interests individual classes to raise their affection, or rest to restore your energy. In addition, some events appear on specific days, so you have to be careful not to miss them. By the way, some elements in the game reminded me of old-school dating sims. One of them is needing to buy gifts to win the girl you want to romance’s heart, with the added difficulty that the shop is not always available and giving them the wrong one would decrease their affection. Another one is how some choices can lead you to a bad ending depending on which girl you’re trying to date. For example, you won’t be able to get any of the trainees’ good ending if you let Neoma check your loyalty at the start of the game. Demon Lord Jill REVIVAL

Lovely Overseer Free Download Repacklab

On the negative side, the game is not fully compatible with a keyboard. Pressing Ctrl to skip dialogue will speed up the animations in the segments in which you have to choose an activity, and pressing enter right after quick loading will load the game again instead of advancing the dialogue. It’s not a big issue per se because you can play it just fine with a mouse, but it may be annoying for anyone accustomed to playing VNs with a keyboard. Artistically it’s gorgeous. Not only the characters and backgrounds are beautiful, but also the Live2D animations are smooth. What impressed me the most is that they went the extra mile animating the characters; they blink, breathe, and change their facial expressions as the conversation unfolds.

Lovely Overseer Steam Review

Lovely Overseer is a dating simulator based upon a new take on a fairly common premise: You’re in a magical academy, but instead of being a student, you’re actually an instructor, and for that matter, the magical academy ain’t that common either, since it is actually sort of an interment camp for “mana addicts” (people who were blessed (or cursed) with great magical prowess, but are sort of unable to control their power) that tries to quell their addiction and turn them into battle mages at the service of the empire. I would have liked a bit more world-building, to be honest: Wouldn’t a former semi-convict turned into an elite soldier make for an interesting premise for a bigger story? I reckon it would be, but the closest thing we get to that is the headmaster of the academy: A former student dog-girl (or actually, how do they even call these in the furry lingo) Avalon

Lovely Overseer Free Download Repacklab

that has a penchant for authoriatarianism and dressing like a dominatrix. Don’t get me wrong though, I liked her. I even did the second run to get her ending. The characters are all pretty nice. I liked both the headmaster and the kind-hearted green-haired girl. In the other hand, I couldn’t care much about the other two, as they felt a bit more bland in comparison. In fact, most of them are pretty much “what you see is what you get”, to be honest. The world-building, as mentioned before, is serviceable but they don’t expand too much on it; if you were expecting Tolkien-grade stories and epics, well, this is not your place, since, well, we all know what’s the objective of these kind of games is. It’s also a straight game, which seems to be pretty rare, considering most of the furry games are actually-focused.

Add-ons (DLC): 

18+ Adult Only Content Steam Sub 566642 Steam Sub 422372

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: 2.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX® 9 Compatible Graphics Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 4 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system