Mister Versatile: A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download

Mister Versatile: A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download Repacklab

Mister Versatile: A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download thinks super teams are a pain in the ass, but four super-hotties have decided they want to watch his back anyway. Mister Versatile is screwed, and not in the good way. Baddies have penetrated his tender headquarters. Will Mr. V finally let down his guard and get the help he needs? If so, which superhero will teach him how to play nice with others? By Studio Kosen, the artists who created the To Trust an Incubus demo!. Looking for a superhero bara (or yaoi, for starters), where you are Mr Versatile #think I’ve descripted fully enough? In this game, you will adopt a normal superhero #like Batman, duh; and with your best drag-drama-queen, retain 4 hot cuties #not rape, I swear, and get the most out of them. How will it end? Depends of you #typical Visual Novel. Repacklab.com sexy games

Mister Versatile A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download Repacklab

4 hot guys to ♥♥♥ #bond with (and a hidden alien #voy***, and you can be either top or bottom. More than 24 #25, dont know if I’m wrong , and a lot (I mean, A LOT) of +18 CGs #and very hot, almost want to cu #make yogurt out of me. Not only couple bonding #voy***, thr****, alien fe****… need to explore even more. Ooh, and moans… lots of them.
A really humourous, and a original story, even if it’s super-hero based. #Not a fan of comics here, but I’ve become horn real addicted to it. Achievements, Gallery, and CGs, can’t ask for more. Really deep-based characters; and I was like #don’t f*** them, be in love with them!. NO Steam Cloud, but who cares if you can #skip and rewind. Only in English & Spanish (don’t know about more languages), with voices only in English.

Mister Versatile is an Adults Only Gay Visual Novel Featuring:

In fact, it is a lot harder to get a good ending if you don’t sleep with other guys. Two of the love interests are versatile, two are bottoms and one is top. There is also a bonus male striptease scene at the end of one of the routes, which I really appreciated. The artwork by Studio Kosen is gorgeous for both the CG’s and the sprites. Those who have played “To Trust an Incubus” will know what to expect. At the moment there is no CG gallery, so you will have to take your own screenshots during play. I have read that an gallery might be added later. I hope this game will be a commercial success and we will see more games like this in the future (maybe even an Mister Versatile 2?). Drift King

    1. Animated Sequences
    2. 4 Routes
    3. Partial Voice Acting
    4. Press ‘v’ on your keyboard to have all text read aloud
    5. 12 Endings
    6. Hundreds of CGs
    7. An OST with 31 Funky Songs
    8. 30 Steam Achievements
    9. Text in both English and Spanish
Mister Versatile A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download Repacklab

Chose the amount of hair you play Mister Versatile With!. Partial Voice Acting by Sean Chiplock (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Persona 5, Detective Pikachu). Introducing Tim Castaway as the voice of Captain Crush. Partial Voice Acting by Cole Feuchter (To Trust an Incubus, Ishida And Asakura, Camp Buddy, Full Service, The Divine Speaker). Partial Voice Acting by Jasper Harrow (Morningdew Farms). Partial Voice Acting by Scott Winter (Alpha Hole Prison). Partial Voice Acting by Gary Scales (Tom Clancy’s Division 2, Dying Light 2, My Time at Portia). Partial Voice Acting by Kiba Walker (To Trust an Incubus, Black Clover, Camp Buddy, Full Service, Saint Seiya).

Mister Versatile Stategy Guide

If you’re the sort of person that watches an Avengers movie and thinks “This really needs a Thor versus Captain America oil wrestling scene”, boy oh boy is this the game for you! Mister Versatile is a superhero themed Gay visual novel with a delicate sprinkling of mini-games and a big salty splash of Cape-on-Cape action. The titular Mister Versatile is a Batman style brooding hero with a selection of five super-bachelors vying for his attention. A cosmic silver-fox Daddy, a twunk-in-training novice superhero, a badass and mildly tsundere villain desperate to get “revenge”, a shy twink with a very unusual problem, and finally my personal favourite – an intergalactic space-symbiote beefcake who is so jacked he makes Venom look malnourished. The Artful Escape 

Mister Versatile A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download Repacklab

The art is high quality and consistent throughout, the voice acting is very professional and there are enough endings and routes to give you enough replayability for that bang-for-your-buck factor (literally). With a tongue-in-cheek tone and faithful comic book accenting, it really gives you an authentic superhero experience while providing enough adult scenes to satisfy the thirstiest yaoi/bara enthusiast. Highly recommended! The game is quite enjoyable and I had a lot of fun getting different outcomes depending on my choices. A few issues were, the problematic stereotypes that were clearly present in the game – it only depends on how sensitive a person is to these things. Another is the game is quite short, however dragging the story along by force would be even worse in my opinion, so it all works out at the end of the day.

Art Book

This is a good game; let me start out by establishing that. Y Press is one of the only companies creating this kind of queer, sex-positive content and on that front, they uh, *nail it* in Mr. Versatile. Definitely worth the purchase if you that kind of content holds any interest for you. HOWEVER – Y Press games has a race issue. Period. The only LatinX/Hispanic character is offensively stereotypical and the writers, for whatever reason, decided to have him cook tacos in one of the few one-on-one scenes he has with the player character. The real issue arrives with Driller, however. While I appreciate that there is a bit of a nuance with his story, which I won’t spoil here, Y Press has decided to criminalize and degrade their first Black character. Robonauts

Mister Versatile A Gay Superhero Visual Novel Free Download Repacklab

This game is highly recommended for the lovers of gay Visual Novels and people that would like to see a little bit more of comic book superheroes. Although the story is quite short (a lot shorter than To Trust an Incubus), it is well written and the characters are very likable and memorable. There are comic book cliche’s and tropes, but that is part of the charm of the game. There are a lot of different endings, most of which have their own steam achievement. Many of the in game choices have an effect on the ending. Encounters with the characters can almost always lead to erotic scenes (with the exception of Syd). You can sleep with multiple guys in a single play-through and even engage in threesomes and still get the perfect ending for your chosen route. Prison Tycoon: Under New Management 

Add-ons (DLC): Mister Versatile: A Gay Superhero Visual Novel

Mister Versatile Art Book Mister Versatile Stategy Guide

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: 1GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card, Latest Intel GC Drivers
Storage: 4 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Mac OS X 10.6+
Processor: 1GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
Storage: 4 GB available space