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Model Melissa Free Download Repacklab

Model Melissa Free Download has been struggling to earn a living on just a part time job at the local resort. Fortunately perhaps she was spotted by a talent agent looking for models whilst out in town one day. Could this be Melissa’s big break or just a way to stave off starvation for a while. An adult visual novel story following Melissa as she searches for a new way to earn a living. Your decisions will determine how successful she is and what that could lead to in her life. Visual Novel Style Gameplay Multiple Decision to Make Secret Routes to Unlock Beautiful Illustrations All characters included in the game are at least 18 years of age. sexy games

Model Melissa Free Download Repacklab

Model Melissa is the seventh title in the Paradise series. The game was released on May 2020 on the Steam store and the Nutaku store. It is a short title in the series, having fewer characters and story content. Melissa has been struggling to earn a living on just a part time job at the local resort. Fortunately perhaps she was spotted by a talent agent looking for models whilst out in town one day. Melissa is a recurring character of the Paradise Cove Realm. She works at the Blue Ocean resort, under the management of Yuuki. She is also a childhood friend of Josh.


Melissa is a carrying and reserved person. She’s very professional in her job at the resort, and cares deeply about ecology. She is rather timid and avoids partying. She is also bad at sports (cf Roomie Romance dlc). Negligee She enters the Negligee store looking for classic underwear, and is convinced to try higher quality items (cameo). Love in the Limelight Melissa is the protagonist’s (Josh) best friend. She proposes him “training dates” to help him with his new girlfriend Luna, but has actually romantic feelings for him. Roomie Romance She welcomes her friend Cheryl to the Paradise Cove resort, along with Mira and spends some time with them trying outfits. Love Season 

Model Melissa Free Download Repacklab

She goes out with them later as a friend in the DLCs stories, with the group made of herself, Rias, Mira, Cheryl and Jasmin. Yuuki’s Party Night She cameos in the title, visiting Yuuki before the later goes to the party. Model Melissa Bored during her free time (as she works at the resort part time), Melissa wanders searching for a job. She get spotted by Greg who proposes her a model gig at his agency. She then tries shoots with Mitch. Future Girls She meets Drew, an old school acquaintance, who was on his way to the Paradise Cove resort SPA with Ariel and Leona. After remembering some memories, she gives them VIP tickets for the SPA.

Short Novel

Model Melissa is a short visual novel with usual scenario of modeling. You play as a Melissa and one day you meet a man, who asks you if you didn’t think of modeling carrier and if you’re interested, you can answer yes or no, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. By then the story develops according to your decisions in 4 different endings. They can be either happy or sad. Do you want to spend money for short visual novel about modeling to find out how all these 4 ways can possibly end up? It’s up to you. I personally bought this game on sale for 2 euros and I didn’t regret it. There are 4 easy achievements that you can obtain, if you complete all 4 playthroughs/ends. Something Unlimited

Model Melissa Free Download Repacklab

a nice side story for one of the paradise cove girls. A more interesting one compared to Yuki and her party night. All tho there are less spicy scenes compared to the Yuki game. And the choices seem to have less impact compared the the last Dharker game. So maybe that’s why its alot cheeper. for its price ill say yea buy it. the artwork and story i feel is good enough for the price. Even tho its a really short filler game until witches brew and the much bigger games like paradise girls come out. completed this game in less than two hours and it wasnt that pricy or long as negligee so you cant really have super high expectations. Im not entirely sure about the backgrounds in this game, them being more like real world places rather than anime style.

Model Melissa Overview

As the title implies, this is the story of Melissa, a girl who is having trouble making ends meet, only working part-time in a resort. But, as also the name implies, here comes someone who can give her modelling work! The game is a visual novel following Melissa as she tries the modelling job and makes decisions about how far she’ll take it (turns out: pretty far. Duh) . Although the game is quite short – I got all four endings in an hour – the writing is actually quite good. Melissa is very shy, a bit unsure of herself, and constantly has these weird, sometimes downright absurd notions in her ditzy head. This made me actually like her, although I sometimes had to resist the urge to facepalm. The Married Manager’s Scandalous Services The Pleasures of the Night Shift

Model Melissa Free Download Repacklab

The music is ok, but you really want to hear about the artwork, don’t you. And it’s very good! Although the static people during dialogue are a bit too-much-done for me, what can you expect in a visual novel hentai game? Although I have to admit the people do look very good. I was, in fact, much more interested to see more of the other two girls Melissa meets, they’re cute! Where the game’s art shines, is in the main modelling scenes. Depending on choices you’ve made, you can expect to see more of Melissa. And these parts are drawn very well. Top notch, really. I’m not a fan of huge tits like Melissa’s, but the artist made her look very cute and sexy, even in the hardcore pics.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 or Newer
Processor: 1.66 Ghz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1920×1080
Storage: 1 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system