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Monster Harvest Free Download I love it when games blend genres. It’s something that’s pretty common in other media, but for video games I feel it can have a more transformative effect than it can in other works. That’s because game mechanics can fundamentally change how you interact with the game’s world. But sometimes, the game mechanics between two genres are so close, I can’t help but think, “damn, why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?” That’s the case for Monster Harvest, but despite its multi-genre potential, it ends up being a hodgepodge of poorly developed ideas. sexy games

Monster Harvest Free Download Repacklab

Monster Harvest is a farming life and monster collecting game, a sort of mash-up between Stardew Valley (or Harvest Moon) and Pokémon. The concept had me immediately excited: and to be truthful, it still has some potential. But the execution in Monster Harvest leaves a lot to be desired. There are two basic components to Monster Harvest: the farm sim, and the monster collecting and fighting. While it definitely has a Pokemon feel, I’d say that Monster Harvest leans more towards Stardew Valley—but a basic, pared back version with none of the charm.

The Right Herbs

Most of Monster Harvest revolves around your farm. You grow crops to sell so you can upgrade your house and your player’s inventory, and buy better tools—all of the staples you would expect. It even starts you out on a plot that’s full of rocks and trees to trim down. Except everything in Monster Harvest feels incredibly grindy, and it does little to ease you into the game. You can almost immediately see the high dollar signs and the long grind ahead. On top of this, your character runs out of energy so quickly and has to rest so often, especially in the first few hours, it’s just not fun. I thought that the farming sim, then, was just going to be a means to collect your monsters. Aliens vs Predator 

Monster Harvest Free Download Repacklab

Instead of collecting monsters—called planimals—you have to grow them, enhancing your crops with different types of slime. There are different seeds to collect, some of which are only able to be planted during one of Monster Harvest’s three seasons, with different seeds yielding different plants and therefore different monsters. You can mutate each of these plants with different slime for different results. These different planimals work a little bit like Pokémon, inasmuch as they follow you around and will battle monsters for you. But the battle system is extremely simple, and disappointing.

Blending of Genres

While Monster Harvest doesn’t break ground with anything it’s trying to do in regards to blending genres, it does prove itself as an enticing homage to its influences. The visual style might look a touch cruder than that of Stardew Valley, but the vibrant color palette makes up for it. Its turn-based, Pokemon-esque battle system does nothing to surprise a veteran of Nintendo’s creature-catching franchise, yet, it still manages to feel exciting. Then there’s the music, which evokes every bit of that lazy, relaxing, seaside vibe that so many games of this nature strive to emulate. And though a good chunk of your time spent with Monster Harvest may be scaling a mountain of technical issues, it doesn’t really stop being fun. Lunars Chosen Adult Game

Monster Harvest Free Download Repacklab

I don’t think Monster Harvest’s story could be any more unoriginal. You’re dropped onto a farm and are immediately tasked with growing crops to flip for profit. I know; you’ve been here a million times before. But these games are always more about the journey than telling a riveting tale, and I’m fine with that. Where Monster Harvest falters first, however, is in its utter lack of direction. Maybe the developer, Maple Powered Games, just assumes you’ll have the knowledge necessary to get going. Either way, inevitably, my first few hours were mired in lingering anxiety caused by not knowing whether I should be spending my days farming, or fighting, or building relationships, and so on.

Best Rewarding game

Eventually, things started to click, and progress became more and more rewarding. Much of this satisfaction comes from Monster Harvest’s interesting “animal planting” mechanic. Whereas the likes of Pokemon has the player venture out and capture their companions, Monster Harvest expects you to grow your own. And it may sound complicated, but it’s only a matter of planting your favorite vegetable and then dousing it with one of several colored “slimes” that provide different bonuses. Red slime will grow your monsters, green slime will quickly have your garden flourishing, and blue slime will provide you with farm animals. Of course, there are plenty of variations to discover, but the heart of your experience will revolve around what you do with your slime. Happy Summer NSFW Game

Though, for every bit as addicting as the planting/harvesting/selling cycles, or the turn-based combat system, or even simply meandering through the vivid town is, Monster Harvest suffers deeply from technical issues. So much so that I may jump at the first opportunity to hop over to the PC version. On the Nintendo Switch, the game is plagued with shortcomings both large and small that slowly but surely, chipped away at my overall enjoyment.

Monster Harvest Free Download Repacklab

Hardest to ignore of all its problems, Monster Harvest just isn’t a game meant for the Switch hardware. It’s clearly designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse, routinely making me double (and sometimes even triple) click a selection to actually register the input. In addition, navigating the menus is an absolute chore, thanks to a cursor that seemingly has a mind of its own. For example, I’ll try to move one space up, and it’ll shoot three spaces past where I wanted to go. Regardless of how much I was enjoying myself, it wasn’t ever long before I was reminded that I should probably be playing this elsewhere. Melody NSFW Game

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