MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT Free Download Repacklab

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT Free Download THE HARDEST MURDER TO SOLVE IS YOUR OWN. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural detective thriller which challenges players to solve possibly the hardest case of all… their own murder. When Ronan O’Connor, a detective with a chequered past, gets caught up in a violent burglary, his life is brought to an untimely end by a brutal and relentless killer. Shocked to find himself in the afterlife, his only escape from the limbo world of ‘Dusk’ is to uncover the truth behind his killer, track him down and bring him to justice using his detective instinct and new-found supernatural abilities. As Ronan, you have the freedom to explore the modern-day town of Salem: its New England-style wooden houses, narrow streets, gothic churches and mental asylum for clues. .com Sexy Games

MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT Free Download Repacklab

Battle demonic spirits to save your soul and uncover the shocking revelations about who is responsible for your death. A dark, detective thriller with a supernatural twist: solving your own murder from the afterlife. A twisting storyline supported by a great cast of characters constantly raises questions over the secrets that Salem hides. Explore the world of the living and dead in Salem, a brooding city with deep-rooted ties to the supernatural and mysterious. Move freely from one haunting location to the next and even if you have completed your investigation, return to previous scenes to follow new leads. Investigate your murder using supernatural skills; possess people to read their minds, influence their thoughts, or see and hear what they know.


The game features L.A. Noire type investigative areas in several locations such as apartment crime scenes, break-ins, and street shootings. As Ronan, you must find all of these clues and figure out what happened, all while finding Artifacts that point towards Salem’s dark past. While finding your peace in the afterlife, there are also other dead citizens with investigations of their own that you can assist them with. Follow leads by walking-through walls and teleporting. Discover new information by revealing memories hidden in the Dusk or interrogating the dead. Use poltergeist skills to create distractions and learn further clues. Seek-out hundreds of collectibles, side-quests and cases from Salem’s citizens past to learn facts about the town and its people. The Evil Within

MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT Free Download Repacklab

improve your detective ranking and help you piece together the truth about the killer. Survive powerful demonic spirits who devour souls in a belief that they can regain their own. Strategically use supernatural abilities to evade and outwit them before they tear away your soul forever. Murdered: Soul Suspect takes place in a fictionalized version of Salem. Played in a third-person view, the player navigates the protagonist, Ronan, around town. There are multiple areas in Salem to explore such as a church, an apartment building, and a graveyard. The player completes levels in order to progress further into the game. There are hundreds of collectibles in the game, including ‘Ghost Girl Messages’ and various different types of scraps of paper which contain information about Ronan’s life.

Main Storyline

In present-day Salem, a serial killer known as the Bell Killer begins murdering seemingly unconnected victims. Police Detective Ronan O’Connor is able to track down the Bell Killer, but is thrown out of a window and shot to death during a fight. He returns in the form of a ghost, and learns that in order to reach the afterlife and meet his wife Julia, he must first discover the identity of his killer. With the help of Abigail, the ghost of a Puritan child, Ronan is able to use his ghostly abilities to return to the fight scene, and discovers that a medium named Joy witnessed the fight, and is now hiding in a church. Joy is in search of her missing mother Cassandra, who was consulting with the police on the Bell Killer case, and initially refuses to help Ronan. Coercion Uncensored

MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT Free Download Repacklab

He travels to the police station where she is being held, helping her escape so as she can help him interact with the physical world and track down his killer. While leading Joy out of the station, Ronan discovers that Baxter, a hostile fellow officer, was the one working with Cassandra. Cassandra’s research leads the pair to the Salem graveyard to investigate a possible Bell Killer victim. After pursuing the ghost of the young drowned girl, Sophia, Ronan’s ghostly powers allow him to view flashbacks of the murder. Sophia reveals that the Bell Killer asked her about a ‘contract’. A review of Cassandra’s research leads the pair to a mental hospital to find the Bell Killer’s surviving victim, Iris.


Ghosts are characters featured in Murdered: Soul Suspect. They are metaphysical manifestations of the souls of deceased people or animals. They appear as they did when they were alive, although they are slightly transparent, and any mortal wounds they have received remain visible on their ghostly form. Ghosts can walk and talk, and retain any skills and knowledge they possessed in life. Their ability to use these skills is limited, however, as they cannot touch objects in the world of the living, and cannot be seen or heard by the living. As non-physical creatures, ghosts can pass through physical objects and barriers. Their movement can still be limited, however, by barriers that exist in the limbo world they inhabit: many long-demolished walls and pieces of ancient architecture. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT Free Download Repacklab

remain in limbo, which ghosts cannot pass through even while possessing a living creature. They also cannot pass through walls of properties protected by consecration. Most of the buildings in Salem are consecrated, and so ghosts can only enter and leave them through open doors and windows. Ghosts have specific supernatural powers – some common among spirits, some unique to the individual, based on the skills and personalities they have developed. These powers include limited teleportation, the ability to manifest or remove objects in limbo, and the ability to exert limited control over physical objects. Some ghosts can also possess living creatures, with effects that range from perceiving through their senses.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Murdered Interactive Map TF Tomb Prize Package

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista 64bit with Platform Update for Windows Vista
Processor: High-Performance Dual Core CPU or Quad Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 3870 512MB RAM / Nvidia GeForce 8800GT
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 12 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64bit / Windows 8 64bit
Processor: AMD FX-8000 series or better / Intel Quad i7 Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD Radeon™ TM R9 270 or better / Nvidia GTX 660 series or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space