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MUSYNX Free Download Repacklab

MUSYNX Free Download Now the BGA in game had already been separated with Free DLC, Please download for yourself. Thank you!* Indie rhythm game Musynx is now available on Steam Worldwide Composers Unite M2U, Paul Bazooka, Lunatic Sounds, MEMME and more! Unique Visual Themes, Various themes are available for each music genre for a unique sensory experience! Classic Game Play, Going back to the roots with classic game play systems and mechanics! Real “KEY” Sound System, Enhance your playing experience with real Key Sounds! Vocaloid China Official Licensing VC idol Stardust is officially licensed, with famous VC music included! Constant Music Updates Exciting updates are regularly added. Stay tuned with MUSYNX! sexy games

MUSYNX Free Download Repacklab

Jumping in from the title screen, Musynx doesn’t mess around: it presents all 92 songs in its setlist individually, ready for you to play right from the start. This puts Musynx firmly in the arcade-inspired rhythm game camp; unlike VOEZ, Deemo, or Lanota, there’s no story to tie your taps together, nor does Musynx feature any levelling up, unlocks, or challenges like Superbeat: Xonic. It’s a straightforward focus on playing and replaying songs to beat your high scores, and whether that’s a plus or a minus will depend on personal preference, but it does make Musynx perfect for popping in for a song or two at a time. MUSYNX excels at how it represents its music. It offers a number of options to fine-tune the difficulty: four keys vs. six keys (which it confusingly calls 4k and 6k mode).


The game utilizes a note highway with the game’s inputs being listed in each row. The player has to hit the buttons as the notes hit the white strip before the end with greater score for the most accurate inputs. The default mode is 4K and only has 4 keys with the option to play with 6 keys as 6K. The area surrounding the note highway has different animations depending on the song’s category. The player can customize the speed of the notes coming down the highway and how much of the song is affected by the player’s performance. The player can also manually adjust the note syncing. One consequence of Musynx’s streamlined structure is that it puts its music front and centre, and these fantastic tracks have no trouble shining in the spotlight. RISK – The Game of Global Domination

MUSYNX Free Download Repacklab

Musynx features a variety of songs broken down into broad genres. There’s sunny vocal pop, ballads, instrumental piano and classical; EDM, techno and rock; traditional Chinese-inspired tracks, chiptunes and a small group of viral hits from the Chinese internet. Some of these categories are fuller than others — the first three have dozens of tracks each — but all together, the selection is impressive in both breadth and quality. You’re not likely to recognise any of the tracks beforehand, but discovering these underground delights is a big part of the appeal. Musynx features tracks in Japanese and English, but there’s a particular focus here on Chinese music, with lots of Mandarin Vocaloid pop (and lots of Luo Tianyi).

MUSYNX musical selection

The musical selection is key to this genre, and in the case of MUSYNX it’s going to be the biggest factor in determining if this game is for you. Despite the game’s appearance, it isn’t just a collection of Vocaloid electronica and saccharin-sweet music disconcertingly sung by robots, although there is no shortage of either. Instead, the game buckets its tracks into a handful of loosely-defined genres ranging from rock music infused with Chinese-traditional instrumentation, to piano music, to the aforementioned sweet robotic pop. The songs, sourced from a number of online composers, are diverse enough that there should be some that appeal to you, or at the very least surprise. There’s nothing more delightfully surprising than a Vocaloid shifting from normal singing to Chinese “Screamo. In Sound Mind 

MUSYNX Free Download Repacklab

” Some tracks even have human singers, although they are the exception. Each genre gets its own skin for the note highway, from a calligraphy-inspired look for the Chinese-traditional themes to a roll of toilet paper with crude crayon drawings for the “joke” songs. There are moments where the game becomes a trance-like experience. Determining what button to press is sublimated to subconscious thought. Eyes, ears, and fingers work in tandem to the point it isn’t clear what information is being used to hit the right notes, and yet the score keeps going higher. At the height of this focus it can seem as if closing your eyes wouldn’t impact performance in the slightest, eyes can defocus, and there is a feeling of the entire process becoming automatic.

Beginner to rhythm

This game is actually pretty good, the timing is very lenient so if you aren’t used to games that are very strict, this is a good place to start, the amount of songs you get for the base price is very good in my opinion (48 songs at the time of writing) and you can buy a lot more with a single DLC purchase that says it will include every song they will release in the future, which is pretty good too. The game has a lot of eye candy so that’s also good for newcomers and spectators. If you’re not used to asian music, this is also a good place to start, a lot of the songs and artists included here are very good. (AmamoriP, Lunatic Sounds, Memme, P4koo, Paul Bazooka, to name a few) And it seems that some crossover songs from other games on steam are present. SUCCUBUS

MUSYNX Free Download Repacklab

like Candleman: The Complete Journey, Gaokao.Love.100Days, ICEY and Nekopara for example. The settings menu is a little on the simple side, you can tell this game was a mobile game at some point (Apparently its also on Vita, PS4, and Switch), but it’s serviceable, you can adjust the timing, speed, turn keysounds on and off (with some settings in-between), and switch from a horizontal to a more vertical display and it’s great that you’re given the option for this.The game has easy and hard modes and a “4 key” and “6 key” mode, where you use 4 and 6 keys to play the game respectively, with the 6 key variants being harder, so if you plan on playing every single song and difficulty that’s at least 160~ different “charts” to play.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Shooting Game Theme Stage Theme BGA PACKAGE Japanese Cyber Theme Universe Theme HOUSE THEME
 Forever Friends Bundle Steam Sub 310045

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 3000
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system