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Neo Cab Free Download One only needs to look at the huge market for simulator games to know that even the most mundane activities can be entertaining when couched in the concept of play. They can even convey an engrossing narrative, and though it stretches the definition of “simulator”, Chance Agency’s sci-fi tale Neo Cab puts drama and emotion into the context of working life. In Neo Cab’s case, the work in question is driving, which is done by Lina, a contractor working for the titular, Uber-like ride-sharing outfit. Lina just so happens to be one of the last remaining human drivers on the streets of Los Ojos, a hive of tech innovation on the verge of outlawing old-school manual cars in favor of AI-driven taxis run by Capra, a huge multinational conglomerate. sexy games

Neo Cab Free Download Repacklab

Lina must navigate the city’s nightlife, hunt down clues to a missing friend’s whereabouts, and perhaps determine the fate of Los Ojos itself. Of course, doing all of that necessitates making it to the next night, which brings us to the core of Neo Cab‘s gameplay — driving customers around. The game isn’t exactly Crazy Taxi, though. If anything it’s the opposite, as players don’t actually do any of Lina’s driving themselves. Instead, they control which passenger Lina chooses to drive during her shift. Each one is unique, and, in the manner of the seminal HBO reality show Taxicab Confessions, players gain insight and influence into their lives through conversations they strike up during the ride.


How soon will it be until automation takes your job? For some, it’s already happened. For others, it may be happening right now. For no one is the answer likely to be ‘never.’ What becomes of us when our world doesn’t recalibrate to allow our robot usurpers to live harmoniously with us? What will that do to us as people and how will it affect our relationships? It’s these tough questions Neo Cab seeks to answer, and it does so gracefully. Age of Empires III 

Neo Cab Free Download Repacklab

It’s no small task to release a cyberpunk game right now, as the whole gaming universe awaits such a game next spring with Everestian expectations, but Neo Cab zooms in closely on its own version of the techno-future and succeeds in creating a subtler, hyper-focused view of the future prospects of a human rideshare driver in a world of AI-steered vehicles. As one of the last few human drivers, Lina’s anxiety-laced move to Los Ojos is just as much about the threat of automation as it is about the intricacies of human interaction.

Everyone you meet in the game, which takes place totally from the seat of your car, has a story to share, preferences to be considered, and tips to award you – or not – depending on your service. Some people like the nostalgic allure of a human driver, while others are just desperate for a ride. One passenger, or ‘pax,’ is your on-again, off-again friend who invited you to move in with her, and it’s this central relationship that reveals much about who Lina is. Along the way, players get to make Lina their own, too, with dialog options.

A Memorable, Emotional Ride

We all know just how awkward cab rides can be. After the initial greeting, there’s always that feeling – that dread – that you’ll be spending the next goodness-knows-how-long making awful small talk until you finally make it to your destination. Neo Cab takes this idea and runs with it, placing you in the shoes of a cab driver in a cyberpunk world monopolised by automated machines. It’s certainly a unique take on the concept, but does it work? CrashMetal Cyberpunk 

Neo Cab Free Download Repacklab

The answer, thankfully, is yes. Neo Cab has its fair share of awkward encounters as you explore the futuristic city of Los Ojos, but more often than not, these will develop into genuinely meaningful conversations that – despite the game’s limited graphical capabilities – make its citizens feel real. This isn’t necessarily a realistic portrayal of real life cab rides, but we were surprised to find that after our first few pickups, we were completely hooked.

You play as Lina, one of the last remaining human cab drivers after Los Ojos is taken over by the mega corporation known as Capra, whose automated cabs threaten Lina’s very way of life. Desperate to make enough money to make ends meet, you’re tasked with ferrying the citizens of Los Ojos around the city, ensuring that by providing a unique, memorable experience (and keeping your emotions in check), you maintain a high enough customer rating to continue in your role.

New maps

Starting within a digital map of the city, you can choose one of several potential pickups at any one time. Which one you choose will depend on a few things: their location on the map, how far they have to go, and whether or not they’re a member of Neo Cab Prime (which requires you to have a full 5-star cab rating). The first two variables directly impact your cab’s battery level, which you’ll need to top up at several Capra recharging stations located throughout the city. This, of course, costs a chunk of your hard-earned money. When driving your customers around, the game shifts into a kind of visual novel format, with Lina’s interaction with her customers taking centre stage. Here, you can drive the conversations in different directions with various dialogue choices. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth3 V Generation

Neo Cab Free Download Repacklab

The citizens of Los Ojos are remarkably well thought out and unique to one another – you might have a deep, philosophical conversation with an elderly lady at one moment, and then argue with a drunken layabout about whether or not they threw up in your backseat the next. There’s no right or wrong way to steer the conversations, but your precious customer rating will always be at the back of your mind. Which brings us onto perhaps the most interesting feature of Neo Cab. Early in the game, Lina acquires a bracelet that visually communicates what emotion she’s currently feeling (even if Lina herself doesn’t necessarily know it). This is called Feelgrid, and it’s a great way of predicting how a conversation might play out – you can even utilise it to open up new, unique branches of dialogue that otherwise might not be available. Fireworks Mania

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Two-core Intel processor @ 1.8GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Four-core Intel processor @ 2GHz or greater
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Dedicated Graphics card w/ 1GB VRAM
Additional Notes: SSD