Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Repacklab

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Our test of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 , first match: Christiano Ronaldo conquers the ball, storms over left wing into half of the hosts – counterattack! His ex-club-mates from Manchester United are just panting after the Portuguese, and Rio Ferdinand only throws himself in his way at the sixteenth. But Ronaldo is deceiving: once on the left, once on the right, then a lob that would make Marcel Reif click his tongue. Lightly past the defensive dune and into the short corner with the ball – a dream goal, the stadium is raging! sexy games

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Repacklab

Now you can think what you want of Ronaldo himself, his phenomenal skills on the ball make him one of the greatest footballers of our time. We can feel it in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013): If the ball sticks to the striker’s feet, hardly anyone has a chance (provided that they have learned a little bit) to change anything. Just like the noticeable talents of the stars, curious goal area scenes and the dynamics in the build-up game were among the big pluses of the series. And that’s how it stays, as in the previous year, Konami only optimized its football simulation selectively – evolution instead of revolution.

Less speed, more tricks

The most obvious change: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a tad slower than its predecessor. The slower pace gives us more time for clever moves, more time to recognize and exploit spaces and, last but not least, more time to keep the ball dribbling. That is also the reason why we succeeded in the top passes in the first trial match – an advantage for both solo games and multiplayer matches, which are still the measure of all things. Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Repacklab

Just like the deadly passes, quick rallies and short passes, for which Konami has built in fresh functions, also inspire. For example, there are new ways of accepting balls: at the touch of a button, we stop the leather, tunnel our rivals or lift the ball over them. Tech-savvy stars have even mastered the »sombrero flick«, in which they lift the ball behind them to change direction at lightning speed.

All of these tricks require good timing and therefore a lot of practice, but they can be very beneficial. If a lift succeeds, the opposing defense has to rearrange itself first – for us the chance to dash straight towards the goal. This contributes to the fact that Pro Evolution Soccer still requires more sensitivity than the mostly straightforward FIFA.

Everyone is smarter, except the goalie.

Konami also noticeably increased the intelligence of opponents and fellow players in PES 2013. Our comrades now offer themselves better and automatically storm along the wings when attacking in order to create pass stations. That works well in most cases, but sometimes the boys suddenly stop instead of continuing on the perfect path for the pass they just played. But the defense also works smarter: it closes rooms, intercepts balls more intelligently and anticipates moves better. This balances the balance between offensive and defensive and brings the game to a higher level overall. Konami could only have reduced the frequency of offside positions a little. Nanairo Reincarnation 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Repacklab

Konami has also worked on the goalkeeper AI, which has recently been criticized again and again, for PES 2013 – at least that’s what the developers claim. So the keeper balls should no longer bounce off so often, but instead punch out onto the field. But the rebound rate is still too high for us: Many goals are stabbers, which the flycatcher with its clumsy defense is to blame. Curious goal scenes are, however, also a merit of the excellent ball physics, which usually produce comprehensible results.

For all football fans among video players, there is only one question every fall: PES or FIFA? This year, too, the manufacturers of both series outdid each other with promises and announcements. But as we know, the truth lies solely in the (in this case virtual) square. It is precisely the brand new features that blend in wonderfully with the rest of the game. For example, the switching game between defensive and offensive now works so smoothly after winning or losing the ball that the inclined football fan clicks his tongue.

Form is temporary. Class is permanent.

The reason for this is that to truly get the most out of PES 2013, one must give themselves over to it. Newbies and FIFA stalwarts face a bit of a learning curve, but players who are prepared to explore the depth of the game’s control system and take their experience beyond mere button-bashing and lame attempts to out-position opponents will truly come to love this game. It’s possible to still enjoy it if all you want is a kick about on low difficulty, but it’s kind of like driving a Ferrari and never letting the throttle out. Oh, and you’ll get pasted by more committed players in head-to-head matches. Artificial Girl 2 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Free Download Repacklab

On the pitch action has been tweaked by the addition of what Konami is calling PES Full Control, a feature aimed at giving players the ability to put the ball exactly where they want it on the pitch – at any height, speed or direction. This allows for deft manual passing; by pulling in L2, players can ping the ball in any direction in a full 360-degree arch, and govern the distance of said pass depending on how long they depress the triangle or circle button. Naturally, the direction they’re facing, the skill level of the player they’re controlling and the momentum of that player’s run are all brought to bear on the outcome. XXXivilization

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or equivalent AMD processor
OS: XP , Vista and Windows 7
VIDEO CARD: Nvidia Geforce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1200 or Intel HD graphics 3000

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –