Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Free Download

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Free Download Repacklab

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Free Download Although the story of this game take place after “Seed of the Dead” and contains the same characters, it has little connection to the previous story and can be fully enjoyed on its own. At time of writing, the free official patch can be found on the ErogeJapan website. Check bottom of review for more detailed directions. Look into the game’s steam community-hub/discussion-threads if need additional help. Game Is: Ero first-person team-focused zombie-shooter that is structured into linear levels that are accessed through a central home-base. sexy games

Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Repacklab

Important: The H-tags associated with this game can be a bit more intense than some other eroges. If you generally prefer softer tags then this may not be for you. The H-scenes are quite good, they have very nice animations and seem to boast a wide variety of tags. The healing-related H-interactions are simple but offer a nice bit of interactivity and are a reliable source of H-content throughout a mission. The monster-related ones are some of the biggest highlights as they are quite elaborate and seem to have scenes for each unique monster type with each team member. The dating-sim mechanics aren’t super deep but they have enough to keep you engaged. The intimacy-events do a good job at fleshing out the characters while also improving their stats to help with future runs.

Heroins of the game

    1. Hikari Kondo
      The bright and smiling leader of the bunch.
      Physically and mentally fit, Her experiences as a track-and-field athlete have been the key to her survival.
      She normally faces any challenge with a smile, but lately she appears distraught thinking about the past…
    2. Aya Kagano
      The discipline master of Home Town. The mature and reliable missus.
      A former medical school student, she uses her cunning instinct and many talents to make Home Town a better place.
      Trusted by her friends and colleagues, she fulfills many crucial roles in running Home Town. Trap Quest Game NSFW
    3. Kirara Suzune
      The popular face of the group.
      wields a giant weapon capable of mowing down throngs of enemies with ease.
      Beloved for her caustic in-your-face attitude, this girl doesn’t back down from anything or anyone.
    4. Ichika Hazuki
      The Mysterious sniper in a cat ear hoodie.
      A girl who doesn’t open her heart to anyone and prefers fighting solo.
      She rarely speaks except for when she’s threatening others with violence. Could she be hiding something…?
Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Repacklab

Build up your love nest and woo four heroines as you fight to survive a ruined zombie hellscape!. Upgraded graphics, more content, enhanced gameplay and yes, even more…’that’…a complete renewal of everything!. A one-of-a-kind Post apocalyptic FPS dating sim game filled with intense zombie killing action and lusty romance!. A heart-pumping fusion of zombie FPS and erotic dating sim! A sudden pandemic has turned the world into a zombie-infested hellscape. Seek safety with three attractive heroines!.


    1. Eight high-powered stages
    2. 4 gorgeous and delightful heroines
    3. Over 40 different heroine interaction scenes
    4. Four difficulty levels
    5. More than 30 different types of weapons
    6. Four types of bonus outfits
    7. Over 100 different kinds of items Ring of Lust 
    8. Expand your in-game hub with over 7 kinds of additions
    9. More than 50 different trainable skills
    10. 15~30 hours of play time
Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Repacklab

Give them presents and make conversation to build a relationship.The closer you become, they more of them you will see out on the battlefield! Then, once you win the affection of your favorite girl, unlock special intimate events and really bring your relationship to the next level!. Upgrade your base and buy new character skills by collecting items and points.Blast away at zombies to rack up kills and create a whole new you!. The game’s story and events are mainly told through VN-style cutscenes. They use the in-game 3D-models rather than any 2D-portraits which allows them to really showcase the impressive jiggle-physics. The home-base actually has a few vendors and workshops to keep you busy.

Missions in the game

It’s nice to always have something to do and progress towards between missions. The combat is what you’ll be doing most of and it’s competent enough. You won’t have your mind blown but it does the job and it can have it’s satisfying moments, plus they manage to throw some interesting scenarios in certain levels. The models of the main characters are quite good, it’s difficult to get anime looking right in 3D but the game pulls it off fairly well. However, the main cast are the only ones with stylized models, so they can look a bit out of place next to all the generic NPC models. The game has quite a bit of jankiness to it overall, but perhaps that’s part of the charm.Now let me explain in detail what i mean. Lake 

Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Repacklab

So i already played the demo before launch so i was already impressed for what they added, but now when this launched, i kept getting amazed on the new stuff there is! It has soo much XXX scenes i couldn’t even count. (Compared to the 1st game) You do have galleries but is unlocked after upgrading the hometown, only thing missing for now is a “Zombies/Monster attack animation” gallery, but you got cutscenes and death scenes available. The graphics are alright, just that is pretty unoptimized since it keeps rendering stuff that are not in my view so it taxes the GPU. Disabling Anti-aliasing helps big time here though, TAA looks horrible anyways.The girls models are a large improvement compared to the 1st game, i fell in love with Ichika because of her personality and how she ends up with you in the relationship. X-Men Origins Wolverine

Add-ons (DLC): Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home

Seed of the Dead Complete Edition Steam Sub 622487 Eroge Japan: 3D Action Bundle VC 2019 Redist

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64bit
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, AMD Radeon RX 580 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: Integrated Sound Chip
Additional Notes: 64bit OS required

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: –
Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –