Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Free Download

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Free Download Repacklab

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Free Download which is also a linear beat ’em up, but features a different storyline and aspects of the Metroidvania genre. All the three versions of the game have several common elements, such as choices that may alter the storyline, an ally system where Spider-Man can choose from several allies to summon during fights, and a similar plot, despite different characters being featured across the various versions. In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Venom has launched a full-scale symbiote invasion of Manhattan, forcing Spider-Man to join forces with a number of unlikely allies in order to stop him, while being faced with difficult choices that could change his life forever. The game’s story is noticeably darker than in the previous Spider-Man games. Spider-Man is the titular main protagonist of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Repacklab.com sexy games

Spider-Man Web of Shadows Free Download Repacklab

a game that gives the player the choice to go down the path of villainy and evil or heroism and justice. This article focuses on the evil half and writes about the game’s “what-if” situation where Spider-Man becomes a supervillain. The introduction of Spider-Man: Web Of Shadowsplunges you into the heart of a crisis. SHIELD forces have occupied New York and are fighting a losing battle against a massive invasion of symbionts. Amidst the chaos, Spider-Man desperately searches for Mary Jane. After a quick tutorial that has you swinging through town hitting symbiotes, you run into MJ, and it’s clear that all is not well between Peter and her. As she berates him for using his black symbiote costume, a mysterious figure emerges from a nearby explosion, extends his symbiotic tendrils to envelop Spider-Man, and everything turns dark.

As a villain in Web of Shadows

During a one-side fight with Venom, Spider-Man acquires his symbiote suit again, but the difference is that the suit isn’t trying to control him, and stays passive, but influences his temper. He develops a selfish attitude, brutally beats criminals, and threatening villains such as Vulture to not get in his way, does anything to get the job done, frees Rhino from prison in exchange of his help in stopping the symbiote invasion, and convinces Electro to vent his hatred against the symbiotes, responsible for what happened to him and his sister. He uses his symbiote instead of his normal red and blue suit, but he seem to care about Felicia and rekindles his relationship with her, cheating on Mary-Jane, later making a copy of his symbiote for Felicia in order to heal her wounds after a fight. Spider man 3

Spider-Man Web of Shadows Free Download Repacklab

Later after he has freed Vulture from the symbiote, he listens to Vulture saying that Venom cannot be stopped by the Tinkerer’s device, and if he lets the device work his power from the symbiote will vanish forever. Vulture convinces him to destroy the device and embrace the power of the symbiote, who covers his former red suit, permanently bonding with him. Spider-Man replies that Vulture is right on one thing, that it’s only about him and Venom, and nobody should interfere, pushing the device off, with Black Widow asking what was going on, and he responds by saying that he spared Venom three days ago, and that he’s going to die. With Latest One Coming Out Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Spider-Man Web of Shadows is a third person action-adventure video game, set in an open-world that resembles Manhattan. The gameplay is very similar to previous Spider-Man titles (Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man). Players take on the role of Spider-Man and can web swing, web zip, crawl walls, and use the ‘spider-sense’ to identify and lock onto enemies. The combat improves on that of the previous games, and now takes place on ground, walls, and in the air, due to new enemy types being introduced, who can either fly or stick to surfaces. The game also introduces the “web strike”, a gameplay mechanic where Spider-Man attaches a web to the nearest enemy and pulls himself to them; this serves as the basis of air combat, but can also be used on the ground and other surfaces. Spider Man Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man Web of Shadows Free Download Repacklab

While the game’s main story is linear, there are various random events constantly occurring across the game’s map, such as fights between gangs, or, in later stages of the story, symbiote nests that need to be destroyed. These are entirely optional, but if the player chooses to intervene, they reward him with XP. There are also numerous challenges, such as defeating a given number of enemies or collecting symbiote samples, and collectibles, that reward the player with XP as well, and increase their health bar and web swinging speed. At specific points in the story, the player is presented with two choices that they need to pick from, which don’t affect the overall narrative, but influence the ending of the game and Spider-Man’s interaction with other characters.

Game Plot

The game opens with Spider-Man on a perquisition for Mary Jane Watson. At the same time, the city of New York is beset with symbiotes. After finding Mary Jane with Luke Cage, Spider-Man is attacked by a mysterious figure. He retells his account of how his fight with Venom ended with a piece of the symbiote fastening to himself during a flashback to four days earlier. After the encounter with Venom, an injured Mary Jane is sent to the hospital where she meets Luke Cage in the middle of a gang war. Spider-Man and Luke Cage hunt down the gang leaders of the city, the Roaring Sevens and Park Avenue gangs. He manages to get them to accede to a meeting in a Harlem park. Outside the place of the meeting. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man Web of Shadows Free Download Repacklab

Spider-Man discovers high-tech assassins on top of buildings after defeating them and leaving Cage to take care of the gangs. He traces the assassins to Kingpin. He ends up confronting the Black Cat, who seems to be working with Kingpin. After a brief battle, Black Cat reveals she is working for Kingpin. The duo joins forces with Moon Knight in order to stop Kingpin’s illicit activities. After a fight with Vulture, Spider-Man runs into many of Kingpin’s henchman on top of the Daily Bugle. They are attacked by civilians infected by symbiotes. A news helicopter spots Spider-Man throwing one of the civilians off the building, their affliction unknown to the police.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2800+
Graphics: AMD Radeon X800 GTO or NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS 256MB
RAM: 1.5 GB
HDD: 6.5 GB
DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system