STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Repacklab

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Choose Your Path. It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless Sith. You are the last hope of the Jedi Order. Can you master the awesome power of the Force on your quest to save the Republic? Or will you fall to the lure of the dark side? Hero or villain, saviour or conqueror… you alone will determine the destiny of the entire galaxy! A brand new Star Wars role-playing experience with unique characters, creatures, vehicles and planets. Learn to use the Force with over 40 different powers and build your own lightsaber. Adventure through some of the most popular Star Wars locations, including Tatooine and the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. sexy games

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Repacklab

Choose your party from nine customisable characters, including Twi’leks, droids and Wookiees. Travel to eight enormous worlds in your own starship, the Ebon Hawk. This is a story-driven, multiplayer, online, roleplaying game developed by BioWare set in the Star Wars universe during an era known as The Old Republic which takes place approximately 3000 years before the events of the original movie trilogy and approximately 300 years after the events of the games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Take on the role of one of eight Classes – each with their own unique story! – as you navigate the galaxy during a fragile peace treaty between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire and recruit Companions along the way to aid in your rise to power!


More than four thousand years before the advent of the Galactic Empire, hundreds of Jedi and Sith clash in merciless combat. You are the last hope of the Jedi Order. Can you master the incredible? power of the Force to save the Republic? Will you let yourself be invaded by the dark side? Hero or traitor, savior or conqueror… you alone will decide the fate of the galaxy! ” The player is a Jedi apprentice who will have to learn the handling of the lightsaber, laser guns and other weapons. He will also have to learn to master the Force , whether to use it for good or for bad. The adventure can therefore be played in several different ways but there is not really one way that is better than another. The scenario changes depending on the orientation chosen. Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Repacklab

The different quests will take the player to various planets well known to Star Wars enthusiasts : Tatooine , Korriban , Kashyyyk , Dantooine and even an unknown planet, which will make you meet a never-before-seen species from the Star Wars universe – See the list of planets . Planets can be visited in any order and it is possible to return to a planet already visited to perform side missions. The main asset of the game is undoubtedly the rather original scenario (play it and you will see what happens …) as well as the personalities of the companions. Indeed these almost all have a history, and some are very worked in this direction ( Juhani , Jolee and Carth in particular) which gives a more realistic impression of the relations between members of the crew.


The main character encounters a maximum of nine companions during his adventure, which along with the player forms the crew of the Ebon Hawk , the ship used for their journeys through the galaxy. They can also support the player in certain situations like combat and at certain times of the scenario. He constitutes a team of at most three characters to carry out the quests, the others then having to wait for the player’s return to be taken, the choice of companions being disabled in the action zones. Each companion has more or less useful skills depending on the circumstances and a personal story that can lead to side quests. On the game side, the player can use either their special combat skills (special moves, handling of weapons). STAR WARS The Force Unleashed

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Repacklab

their Force powers, or their persuasive force to progress in the game. The side quests can greatly lengthen the game and leave the player the choice to do them for good or evil. For example, when asked to bring back a serum to save an entire planet, a person will trick the player into selling that serum to a mobster to raise lots of money. Depending on the choice made, a gauge will indicate whether it is more on the Light Side or the Dark Side , this alignment being able to change the course of history. The story occurs in a shaky era of the Star Wars universe, among a delicate ceasefire between the Galactic Republic, factioned by the Jedi, and the recently resurfaced Sith. The plot will revolve around the conflicts that arise as a result of the reshuffling of power after the Great Galactic War.

Main Characters

Bastila Shan Bastila is a young Padawan who has a special talent: combat meditation . With this power, she can influence the course of a battle by guessing the movements of enemy troops as well as galvanize Allied troops and demoralize enemies. In the game, Bastila is taken prisoner on Taris at the start. The player’s first objective is to find her. She will then accompany him for the rest of the game (or almost), and if the player plays a man, romance is possible depending on the dialogue options. But Bastila remains an arrogant young woman and, due to her status, she looks down on the player when first meeting her. In fact Bastila takes great pride in her skills in mastering the Force. Canderous Ordo is a Mandalorian warrior. Vader Immortal A Star Wars VR Series

STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic Free Download Repacklab

who converted after the end of the war against the Galactic Republic as a mercenary on the planet Taris, in the Outer Rim Territories . Encountering Revan by chance on this planet, he decides to go with him, and thus participates in the end of the Jedi Civil War . He was instrumental in the elimination of Malak , as were the other companions of Revan. After that, he gave up the mercenaries to rebuild his Clan (the Ordo) on Dxun , a moon of Onderon , where the war against the Republic began. About five years after the destruction of the Star Forge , the Exile landed in disaster on Dxun , and had to deal with Canderous, who had since become continue his quest against the Sith . He followed up Malachor V . He was happy to destroy a threatening ship Telos IV with the help of the Exile.

Add-ons (DLC): 

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows XP and Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 1Ghz or AMD Athlon 1GHz
Memory: 256 RAM
Graphics: 32 MB with Hardware T&L
DirectX®: Directx 9.0b or better
Hard Drive: 3.5 GB
Sound: Directx 9.0b compatible

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 10.11.6 (El Capitan)
Processor: 1.8 GHZ Intel chipset or faster
Memory: 512 MB or higher
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 / NVidia Geforce 8800/ Intel HD 3000 (256 MB VRAM or higher)
Languages: English