STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Free Download

STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Free Download Repacklab

STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Free Download After getting a veggie patch of my own in real life I’ve finally figured out why every farming game begins with mastering turnips—they are quick and easy to grow. And while you’ll never be able to make a living off of them like you can in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, at least the real ones will have some flavour. sexy games

STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Free Download Repacklab

Things kick off with a letter from a distant mayor. Before you know it you’ve taken over your dead grandfather’s dilapidated farm, desperately trying to scrounge for berries in the wild to afford your all important turnip seeds. There’s a town filled with people to woo, events to attend and even a mine to explore. Sound familiar? This is the inspiration for the agricultural colossus that is Stardew Valley.

Time for a confusing history lesson. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the 2003 Gameboy Advance classic Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral town. The Harvest Moon name belongs to the old publisher Natsume, hence the change to Story Of Seasons here—even though it’s the same game, which is itself a remake of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, released on PlayStation 1 back in 1999. The original is well loved and helped popularise the sedate toil of farm work, but yikes it’s showing its age.

Not all farms are born equal.

Mineral Town itself is a pretty place to live—everything has cute, round edges and the only danger you’ll ever face is a late bedtime. There’s a lovely little library, a scenic mountain path to stroll along and a beach to relax on. It’s all very idyllic, but small since it’s based on the map of a 21-year-old game. If you played the original you’ll love finding everything exactly as you remember it, but if you’re looking for a farming fix after life in Stardew Valley you’ll be left wondering what all of the fuss is about. Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War III 

All of the inhabitants have their own lives and routines, but they’re all shallow ones based on tropes. The girl with glasses is shy and works at the library, the artist is brooding and ‘mysterious’ (the mystery being where his personality went), your childhood friend is also there. Several are romanceable, but I resented handing over my precious turnips to befriend most of them as they’re all so boring.

STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Free Download Repacklab

I started wooing the Doctor as he seemed like the only serious adult in the village—a man dedicated to the pursuit of science and medicine. But after giving him a taste of my cucumbers he gave me a ‘negative ions’ diffuser, which will apparently boost my health and help me relax? He might as well have told me to use jade eggs and go on a juice cleanse with the amount of sense he was making. Instant turn off. All of the other singletons feel similarly disappointing. You romance one because you feel you should for the sake of the game rather than because they’re actually likeable. Again Stardew has since done it better, crafting characters you care about rather than these simplistic first efforts from the genre.

Old friends, new console

Nearly two decades ago, the Nintendo fanbase was graced with Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, the first entry in the series for the Game Boy Advance. Offering up a low-key and easily accessible gateway into the farm sim genre, it quickly garnered a following and earned itself the reputation of being one of the better entries in the long-running franchise. Now, Marvelous has seen fit to re-release the game to a new generation (complete with the revised ‘Story of Seasons’ branding, as Marvelous stopped licensing the Bokujō Monogatari series to Natsume in 2012), redoing various gameplay and presentation features to bring this classic more in line with modern standards. Fortunately, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town proves to be quite compelling, and any fans of the farm sim genre will want to take note. Kingdoms Reborn

STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Free Download Repacklab

The story is about as straightforward as possible, to the point that there’s scarcely any ‘plot’ to discuss at all. You simply assume the role of an ambitious young farmer who inherits a large and neglected piece of land, and your story consists solely of your daily toils in the fields and the interactions you have with various townsfolk. Characters are written in a satisfying, if unremarkable, style, as all of them fill various personality gaps in the broader social hierarchy. Brandon, for example, is a stoic ‘misunderstood genius’ with a stodgy personality. Marie, on the other hand, is a mousy intellectual who runs the library while she works on a novel she’s writing.

Again, few of these characters really jump out at you as particularly memorable or engaging, but it’s the small, ‘daily’ interactions with them that prove to make each of them feel so endearing. For example, Zack comes by your farm every day at five o’clock to pick up any materials you put in the shipping bin, and he always casually greets you if you happen to be working in the field when he comes by. The interaction is small and insignificant, but it’s details like that which help to make the villagers feel that much more real. Along that same thought, there are also various emergent events between villagers that seem to trigger at random. For example, there was one moment where we exited the mine to find two villagers sitting by the river, discussing parental issues one of them was dealing with. This had never happened before and hasn’t happened since, but little dialogues like that often pop up when you least expect them, giving a strong sense of the relationships these people have apart from your character. NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM 

Interact with the villagers

How you interact with villagers has a light gameplay element to it, too, as you can slowly build up a relationship with each of them which gradually shifts the content of their dialogues with you. Most of the characters are simply there to add more variety to the population of the town, but a select few men and women are potential candidates who you can marry if you grow the relationship enough. If you talk to them once a day and give them a daily gift (such as a piece of fruit), they’ll inevitably fall in love with you and agree to marry you. Same-sex marriage is now fully supported, dropping the odd ‘Best Friends’ label that the initial release went with if you chose to go that route.

STORY OF SEASONS Friends of Mineral Town Free Download Repacklab

Gameplay unfolds in a pleasingly predictable and relaxing style, in which you run your farm to the best of your ability. There’s no such thing as winning or losing here; just the satisfaction of watching your farm slowly grow in complexity and variety as the months and years roll by. Your typical day consists of doing basic chores like watering the crops and milking the cows, interspersed with occasional trips into town for supplies or to greet certain villagers. Underlying all this, however, is a soft sort of resource management system that keeps each day from becoming too dull by applying a gentle sort of pressure to keep you working. Summer with Mia Season 1

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 8+
Processor: Intel Core i5-8265U
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel UHD 620
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 / Widows 8
Processor: Intel Core i7 2.8GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 6870 (RAM1GB以上)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2 GB available space