Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab or TOME for short deserves a place alongside Tom Clancy’s High Altitude Warfare eXperimental squadron (HAWX) or First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR) on the list of painful acronyms that were clearly determined backwards from the cool thing the acronym was supposed to spell. Sure, there is some terrain in the game but, as you’d probably expect, it’s the characters that have some magical expertise, not the terrain. Although, for reasons we’ll get onto later, shifting that magical expertise 6 feet under the terrain might be a good move for the enjoyability of game. The only saving grace for this appalling naming convention is that the game is named after the game you play in the game and that game in turn is named after the web series that inspired the game. SEXY GAMES

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab

So it’s the creators of the original series you have to blame for the name, not the fictional TOME developers or the developers of TOME. Clear? Good. In TOME you play as White Hat, a hacker who has been hired to play the fictional MMO RPG of TOME (that’s a lot of acronyms). TOME is under threat from hackers who are using exploits and other hacking terms that I’m familiar with and know how to use to gain an immoral advantage in the game and spoil the fun for everyone else. As White Hat your job is to play your way through the game and take down the hackers, giving them a taste of their own medicine by combining your hacking skills with mastery of the mechanics of the game to take out the elite hacker trash, swinging a ban-hammer like Rockstar cleaning up a GTA Online server.

Customize your player-character with a variety of magical techniques, all executed via specialized quicktime-events!

As fascinating as playing as a hacker sounds – the idea of being almost all-powerful thanks to your access to abilities beyond the scope of the game and well beyond those of your enemies – the execution of playing as a hacker doesn’t quite live up to those expectations. When you start the game you only really have access to one hack: the ability to stop an enemy from taking their turn. Unfortunately, playing a hack takes up your turn so you’re not benefitting much from stopping the enemy’s turn. If it’s a 2v2 fight you’re essentially removing a combatant from each side of the fight, leaving you with an equally challenging 1v1 fight to win. More hacks get unlocked through the game but whether you can stomach playing far enough to unlock them is a big question. Train Life A Railway Simulator

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab

I chose the magic class because I’m not an idiot. Magic always has more interesting abilities – I’d take an Eldritch Blast over a bag full of ball bearings anyday. I’m not sure if it’s choosing the magic class that screwed me over and the game isn’t quite built for it, like how in Dark Souls choosing the magic class leaves you underpowered. But as your hacks are pretty impotent and magic isn’t much of a backup, the fights are hard. On your turn, you can do a melee attack for one damage or your main attack (magic in my case) for more significant damage. However, doing magic attacks takes mana which recharges unbelievably slowly. This means you’re left able to do a couple of magic attacks at the start of a fight and then waiting for several turns where you can only do your 1 damage melee attack while you wait for your mana to recharge.

A fully-voiced adventure, featuring 50 actors from some of your favorite video games, anime and cartoons!

I’m sure these complaints are early game issues and as you play more, unlock more and become more powerful they become less of an issue but that isn’t enough encouragement to push through it for me. As it stands, I have no motivation to progress that far because the early game is a difficult, frustrating and boring slog. It would be a lie to say I enjoyed my time with TOME. There is an excellent idea buried somewhere deep in the design brief for the game but there is barely a vestige of that idea demonstrated in the final product. If you play for long enough you might be able to find something great in TOME but I don’t see much in the game to compel you to get that far. Nostalgia’s just as popular these days as it’s always been. Transistor 

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab

There’s plenty of folks who’d like to escape from the here and now to revisit their past, after all, and the games industry is more than happy to sell them the opportunity. That’s the driving force behind games like Terrain of Magical Expertise, a turn-based RPG from NEO-C Productions that hopes to bring back a little of that classic RPG flavor – not to mention the humor, art style and atmosphere of an era long past. ToME is based on a web series that I missed back when it was in its heyday, which apparently had a later reboot, an RPG system, a huge wiki that there’s no way I’m reading through and so on. Pretty big stuff, apparently! It centers on the titular MMORPG, the Terrain of Magical Expertise, a pretty standard MMO experience as portrayed through the lens of something like the .hack games. We follow a white-hat hacker following up on a friend’s request to investigate cheating within the game.

Utilize hacker abilities to turn the tide against your cheating enemies…or cheat yourself, manipulating the game’s rules!!

In the process, they’ll meet up with a guild of misfits hoping to win a huge cash prize by competing in a game-wide competition, as well as dealing with cheaters and less benevolent hackers along the way. ToME’s art style might remind you of the classic Mega Man Battle Network games, but from a gameplay perspective it’s got a lot more in common with Super Mario RPG. You’ve got a party composed of various adventurers that you meet throughout the world of ToME and, when you’re not running around doing the standard RPG staples of chatting up NPCs and searching for treasure, end up pitting them against both monsters and enemy players. This plays out in the form of turn-based battles where your characters unleash attacks, sometimes spending a chunk of a party-wide mana bar, while defending against enemy assault. Transport Fever 2 

Terrain of Magical Expertise Free Download Repacklab

Characters have elemental affinities to pay attention to as well as a variety of buffs, debuffs and healing abilities to mix things up; your main character is also capable of using hacking abilities to give you an edge or deal with enemy cheaters. The biggest quirk here, aside from the aforementioned party-wide mana, is the ubiquitous quick-time events (QTEs) that interact with pretty much every combat action. We decided these were bad a few years ago for some reason and they don’t show up too often these days, but QTEs make a great addition to turn-based combat. Without them, turn-based gameplay too often turns into a numbers game that boils down to “heal, or you’ll eventually die.” In games like ToME, though, there’s a little more reliance on player input and skill to get the most out of your attacks. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

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Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later
Processor: Intel i5, 2.5 GHz or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660, Radeon R7 370 or equivalent with 2 GB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 8 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: –
Processor: –
Memory: –
Graphics: –
DirectX: –
Storage: –