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The Villain Simulator Free Download Remember those old super heroes episodes? The campy 60’s series where a dynamic duo always wound up in some nefarious trap, only to escape at the very last minute? I often found myself fantasizing about catching them in my own elaborate, sexy trap. The struggle, the helplessness … the submission, it all seemed so intense. Finally, I have recreated that fantasy in virtual reality, for all of us to enjoy! Whip, spank, squeeze, and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once — the villain has won and the villain it’s you… sexy games

The Villain Simulator Free Download

Features Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive) Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
Sit back and … relax … with “Robot Arm” auto-play The Villain Simulator made pretty big waves in not just the lewd gaming community, but also the VR one. This is a game that can be played in full VR if you have a Vive or an Oculus Quest. The game does also have a desktop version which is what I am talking about today, but I do get the impression that VR is how this game is meant to be experienced.


The game is not yet finished, but there is a demo out there. However, the demo is very limited as you would expect, but you can support the game via Patreon and get access to the latest builds. Say Hello To The Bad Guy Top marks if you get my old school WWF reference there by the way! As far as a story goes, The Villain Simulator does not exactly have a huge narrative. All you need to know is that you are the villain and you have captured one of four heroines who tried to stop you and now they are your own personal plaything as you torture them to get what you want out of them.  Rebel Daughter Uncensored

The Villain Simulator Free Download

The developer describes it as a scene like in the old Batman show where he would get captured and tortured. Only here you are the bad guy and there are a lot more naked chicks than were on the 66 Batman show Welcome To The Future I have to say that The Villain Simulator is a great looking game. It has a full character customization thing going which is great if that is your cup of tea. For me, I am more interested in the characters that are already in the game. In the demo, Catwoman is the one that you get to play with. From what I can tell she looks kind of like a cross between Halle Berry Catwoman and the one from the Arkham games.


The character models look fantastic, they have a nice shine to them and they also have banging bodies as you would expect. The lair, dungeon, or whatever you want to call it where you are keeping them captive looks like something you would see on TV or in a movie. It is kind of the halfway point between a campy lair from the 66 Batman show and freaking Saw! It is very easy to see why so many people were talking about The Villain Simulator. It is a game that brings XXX action to VR and the fact that it uses recognizable characters really does make it stand out. Almost Dead Uncensored

The Villain Simulator Free Download

I think the desktop version of the game is ok, but I really do feel that VR is the way to go if you want to see what this is really about. It features some awesome characters The fact that Felicia is one of the characters is awesome! I love the visual style of the game
You can play a demo for free It looks like it would be a ton of fun in VR. Normal Mode – Hides the hand Grab/Touch Mode – You can bring the hand as before to start touchingn Slap Mode – You can slap the character Punch Mode – You can punch the character.

Do What You Gotta Do

The gameplay sees the lady tied down to a rack and here you can assault her in various ways. I was kind of shocked at how extreme this was and I feel that The Villain Simulator would have been better if it was toned down and more about sex and having fun than torturing these poor babes. Also, the milking thing is equal parts weird, funny, and horrifying all at the same time. Whip, spank, squeeze, and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once — the villain has won and the villain it’s you…Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun. Rocking Robin Uncensored

The Villain Simulator Free Download

While you get Catwoman in the demo, you can also have your way with Tifa from Final Fantasy and the one that I thought was awesome was Felicia from Darkstalkers. The game is very much made with VR in mind and I found that what I could do was rather limited in comparison to the videos I have seen from people playing the game in VR. I am very interested to see what future updates hold for this game. New Dance Scene
– New Sex Scene The new scene is hotter and has a better angle VR Body Tracking in Armchair New Materials for Costumes  introducing the material selector for costume items.

Add-ons (DLC): 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: CPU INTEL 2.4 GHz Dual
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/
Direct X 9.0c
SOUND CARD DirectX Compatible
HDD Space 3 GB

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
 INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
VRAM  512 MB
RAM 1 2 GB
OS 10 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
SOUND CARD DirectX Compatible
HDD Space 3 GB free