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Weakless Free Download Tall and small. Blind and deaf. A musician and a sketcher. That’s the long and the short of the two player characters in Punk Notions’ relaxing third-person 3D sightseeing tour Weakless. While gameplay is slight and the story threadbare, this stroll through an ancient and fantastic forest presents many grand views and an assortment of collectible opportunities for the protagonists to indulge their hobbies for a pleasant couple of hours. Deaf is a squat anthropomorphic tree person who, as its name suggests, is unable to hear. Its constant companion is Blind, a lanky fellow tree person who sports a pair of antlers but is unable to see. Together the two set off through the world of Bastion for a nice day of hiking, each needing the other’s abilities in order to proceed. Repacklab.com sexy games

Weakless Free Download Repacklab

The game doesn’t offer much more to go on, simply dropping the characters into its world and sending them on their merry way. Even the names of the protagonists and setting aren’t disclosed in-game as no one ever talks. (The appellations come courtesy of Weakless’s Steam achievements list.) According to the game’s trailers, it appears that Deaf and Blind are on a journey to stop the “rot,” a form of pollution that is poisoning their world. In all honesty, I only saw these videos after completing the game, and from the gameplay experience itself I can’t say that particular mission even registered on me. However, for those who pick up on it, it does add an environmental theme to the otherwise leisurely goings-on.

Journey of the two Companions

The journey of the two companions wends its way along scenic paths through the woods. Sometimes the surrounding environments close in on them, such as when they’re wandering through caves or tunnels. At other times, the beauty of the world is really showcased when the space opens up and grand vistas are revealed. I really did pause just to take in the impressive sight of a large, multi-tiered valley with its lush vegetation and assortment of pools and waterfalls. Elsewhere, the pair are able to board a raft-sized leaf for a gentle ride down a natural waterway. A prickly hedge maze (which isn’t really a maze but a linear path with obstructions that need to be moved) provides even more variety in the flora. It’s not all nature on display though, as you’ll also have various opportunities to wander through ancient, crumbling, sandstone ruins across the game’s eight levels. Pathfinder Kingmaker 

Weakless Free Download Repacklab

The characters themselves, switchable at any time by the press of a button and controlled by either gamepad or keyboard and mouse, fit in well with the nature theme. They look like fully realized tree creatures, with wild roots shooting out of their seed-shaped heads, rather than mimicking familiar models like the The Lord of Rings’ Ents. If anything, the design style seems more influenced by Jim Henson fantasies like The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth, as there is a certain puppet-like quality both in the way Blind and Deaf look and in how they move that is quite charming.

A walk in the woods.

Ever since Ico set the trend in motion, video games have had a strong proclivity for companion-centric stories. This brand of enacted storytelling has captivated players the world over, giving them the starring role as the glue that holds friendships together. Teamwork and togetherness, two characters covering for each other’s weaknesses — the medium just can’t get enough of narratives like these. A Plague Tale Innocence

Weakless Free Download Repacklab

Sapling studio Punk Notion is the next to step up to this plate with Weakless, the story of two tree-like beings (called Weavlings) on a quest to protect the Tree of Life from corporate interests. Like all companion tales, the game lives and dies by both its characters and the synergy between the pair. For this pairing, we first have Blind, whose incredible strength and musical talents are offset by their slow speed and vision loss. Then there’s Deaf, agile and artistic, but unable to hear. Yet despite their names, it’s Blind’s strength and Deaf’s agility that matter most in their journey. Their impairments matter more for the overall audiovisual aesthetics than the gameplay.

See the forest for the trees

All was quiet in the woodlands until the machines invaded, bringing with them corrosive rot that threatened to diversify its lackluster color palette. The Weavlings’ forest is lush and drenched in green — appropriate for its pair of protagonists, but not favorable for Weakless‘ gameplay. Between difficult-to-spot objectives, awkward colliders hindering traversal, and a less-than-stellar soundscape, the duo’s sightseeing trip is littered with small annoyances.

The rot itself, which is lethal to Blind and Deaf, is ironically difficult to detect. Its slow bubbling and muted tone make it something of an invisible killer. But despite its prominence in the game’s narrative, it’s nothing more than a mild inconvenience to players, barely present throughout the game. Aimbeast 

Weakless Free Download Repacklab

What makes the experience of exploring a touch more interesting is Blind’s Daredevil-esque echolocation. From their perspective, the world is cloaked in an achromatic blanket revealed by sound. Blind can tap their staff to temporarily expand their field of vision, and they can detect noisier creatures and objects with relative ease. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! 

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