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X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download Repacklab

X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download In the early ’90s, I entered the comic book phase of my life. While I read some stuff from DC and Image, I mainly read a couple of Marvel titles. One of those titles was Wolverine. As I sat in my room reading, I thought to myself that this guy is a badass. I mean, he had retractable claws, a healing factor, unbreakable bones, heightened senses, and a screw you attitude. This guy was pretty much unstoppable. For many years I continued to read his adventures, not only in his title, but in the many X-Men comics as well, and it left a lot of questions open about his past that I needed answers to. Thankfully, Marvel released an origin story for this very popular character that answered a lot of those questions. Fast forward to today, that story has been made into a movie and a video game. Repacklab.com sexy games

X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download Repacklab

Needless to say, both weren’t what I was expecting. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you take control of Logan in two different time frames; the present and three years ago. This is where the story confuses me. For one, this is only an origin story because it takes place before Logan was a loner and had his adamantium skeleton. The “three years ago” time frame has you looking for the rest of your Weapon X team when the helicopter they were flying in was shot down by an RPG. The “present day” story has you looking for William Stryker to exact some revenge. I have a few problems with the story and the cut scenes.

An M-Rated Wolverine game?

First, the story doesn’t really tell the origin story of James Howlett (Wolverine). The only part it touches on is how he got his unbreakable skeleton, his hatred for Sabretooth and, to a lesser extreme, his quest for revenge. At one part in the game, it was mentioned briefly, that Victor Creed (Sabretooth) and Logan are brothers. If you didn’t read the comics or watch the movie, you would actually see what happened when those two brothers where kids in the 1800’s. Now I know this game is all about the action and not about the story as much, but I think it would have been beneficial to start the game playing as a young James and fight your way to the present, briefly touching on some of the stuff he went through as he grew older…sort of like the movie did. The only other problem I had with the story is that it didn’t hook me. Happy Summer NSFW Game

X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download Repacklab

It just keeps going back and forth from the present to three years ago. I felt like a yo-yo. One of the more noticeable problems I had was with the cut scenes. They are noticeable quieter than the actual game. I had to turn my TV up just to hear what was being said. At its heart, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a straight up hack and slash game, that mimics the style of God of War, and finally, we get an M-rated Wolverine game that lets you dismember enemies at will. The game also doesn’t shy away from its M rating, there is an abundance of violence to be found. Wolverine has a ton of moves in his arsenal to dispose of those looking to capture you (you can’t die, so if you fail a mission, you are captured). Most you have to unlock as you progress through the game. You even have the ability to upgrade Wolvie as you kill baddies and gain experience. Throughout the levels, there are a few collectables to find.

Uncaged Edition Review Want to cut a guy in half?

X-Men Origins takes the events of the movie, adds a bunch of back story and tosses you in into the tattered white tank top of the one and only Weapon X. Set before the X-Men films, this game chronicles the time when Logan was running with his commanding officer Stryker and Sabertooth and doing all sorts of disturbing missions, his break from the group, and his one-man mission for revenge. I’m a respectful geek myself, so I’ll leave the story elements at that; no need to ruin any of the movie for those of you who have been avoiding the early reviews like the plague. Melody NSFW Game

X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download Repacklab

Luckily, even if I did detail the story, I won’t have much to say. This game is all about guttural, disturbing action. Rather than neuter Wolverine like so many games have and leave him with claws that just tickle bad guys, Raven Software has created the most spot-on version of the character we’ve probably ever seen in a videogame. The title opens with a dramatic movie where Wolverine stabs a guy in the head through a wall, lifts a dude in the air and skewers him over and over again and impales another enemy on an exposed pipe. All of those sick kills are part of your in-game repertoire.

If you’ve checked out my previews in the past and have seen the occasional screenshot now and again, you need to stop reading and check out the video review above and then the video montage on the next page because you really don’t know what X-Men Origins is all about. Until now, Activision has kept the true scope of this game hidden from the public, but with the game on shelves, the cat is out of the bag.

This is one of the most graphically violent games around.

Adding to the “Holy crap, I’m really Wolverine this time” vibe is how our main character’s health works. Once you get past the claws and indestructible skeleton, the one thing everyone knows about Wolverine is that he can heal from pretty much anything. In the past, this has led to crappy games because developers either ignore the fact and give him a health bar or come up with some goofy reason for him not to be able to heal. Here, there are two health bars, but both make sense and were never really an issue in my playthroughs. Basically, the first bar represents Wolverine’s exterior. If you can grab some cover when it has been whittled down, it will begin to refill. However, if that bar is completely drained, it means Wolverine has taken enough damage to expose his vital organs. Now, a second meter with a heart on it will begin to take damage. If that one is exhausted, Logan’s dead. Banished

X-Men Origins Wolverine Free Download Repacklab

Sound dumb? It’s not; you’ll never even look at the damn things because you’re so powerful and a damaged Wolverine looks so cool. See, as bullets fly into Wolverine, the holes appear in his chest and begin to bleed. When a oil canister explodes next to him, Logan’s shirt is torn apart and his side is reduced to his adamantium skeleton. The damage not only happens in real time on the four layers — skeleton, muscle, skin, and shirt — it heals in real time as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’d blow something up when no enemies were around just so that I could zoom the camera in and geek out as Wolverine’s skin grew back from its stripped down form. Outlaws of the Old West

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